Music Throughout Time

Music is always changing; these are the just the highlights

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From Phonographs to Portable Devices

Music is constantly being revolutionized, and has been since it was first created. For example, think about how common peoples had to listen to music in the early 19th century. They had to either attend a live show, or start up a scratchy old record on a bulky phonograph. but since our society has a constant hunger for change, and simplicity, live performances are now not nearly as popular, record players are definitely outdated, and handheld electronic devices are the new way to enjoy your favorite song.
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As you can see, how we listen to music has changed a drastic amount, and in a small amount of time

The Overall Sound of Music Has Changed, Too

Through the years, music has reciprocated its sound accordingly, in order to meet our needs. Its sound has dramatically adjusted over time, and we are still constantly needing upgrades. here are some graphs demonstrating all of the ways in which music as we know has become more "modern".
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It seems as though our generation loves listening to louder music

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The acousticness of our music has dramatically decreased since 1950
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The bounciness of our music has dropped a little bit, but for the most part has stayed consistent

Music of the Future

Compared to the technology we had in the past, we've really upped our game when it comes to music. But what can we expect in the future? Perhaps 3D printers will "print" all of our musical instruments. Maybe live concerts will be performed by holograms of musical artists. Perchance, music downloading apps will simply be the only possible way to listen to music. But whatever updates may happen in the musical world, we know that some form of technology will have to do with it. Here's a video giving you some information about the next generation of music.
What Will the Future of Music Sound Like?