Stolen people, Stolen dreams

by mikia stegner-key

Trafficking throughout the world.

American is a central hub for which people who are trafficked are sent to either work or to be put into prostitution rings. Most people who are kidnapped usually come from third world countries and shipped to other places in the world.
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This photo shown above tells in a basic form how trafficking is achieved. All three of these things are needed in order to trafficking people, in simple terms you need the drive the resources and a purpose to go through all this trouble. Eventually though all this work will be for nothing due to the fact that if you do not get caught your mortality is going to be destroyed by this inhumane crime.
Sex Trafficking in America: A Former Sex Slave's Story of Hope & Forgiveness:"FortheSakeofOne. org"

This video is...

This video talks about the experiences this sex slave went through. Typically we do not get to hear these stories because most sex slaves are never seen again. In the world there is about 27 million people who are trafficked.