Curing Color Blindness Geneticly

By: Ethan Weber

Are you Color Blind!?

The affect of color blindness

Many people have color blindness.1 in 12 men suffer from colorblindness as well as 1 in 230 Women.It limits what people can do in their careers they can't be pilots,fire fighters,electricians, and other jobs were color is crucial.People with color blindness can only 1% of colors a person with regular vision could. Imagine never being able to see colors that is what these people suffer from that why a cure is needed.

Scientists at the University of Washington and a Biotech may have a experimental cure.

Scientists have made a surgery that is able to cure color blindness, though it is risky and more research is needed.But It would help the Millions who have color blindness be able to have better more colorful life.Other scientists are also using squirrel monkey to sure their colorblindness which will lead to a cure for humans. They are also using dogs to locate where the mutation is that causes color blindness.
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What It's Like To Be Color Blind

Does someone you know have colorblindness? If so ask them about it and what type they have.