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Dear Friends,

Hi! My name is Lisa Rykert, Chief Visionary Officer, Life and Career Coach of Kula Coaching. Last year, I participated in this Money Course and made huge strides in transforming my perspective of and relationship with money, which has also had a positive impact on many other areas of my life.

As a result of my participation in the course, I:

  • increased my income by 30%,
  • created tools that help me track and manage my personal and business finances
  • removed a lot of stress and mystery out of my spending
  • formed special friendships and business ventures with like-minded people
  • learned to celebrate more -- including my seeming failures
  • transformed my conversation and thinking about money from one that sometimes included fear and worry of not enough to one of sufficiency and trust
  • enhanced my awareness about the true meaning of wealth
  • developed confidence in making decisions about my life that are based on what I want to experience, create, achieve, and contribute

What makes this program truly unique is that it is led by three of this country’s top transformational leaders and coaches, Dave Ellis, Lynne Twist, and Tammy White (see their bios below). Dave, Lynne, Tammy and their phenomenal team, are all passionately dedicated to supporting every participants’ goals by sharing tools, personal stories, radical authenticity, and by demonstrating integrity in how they live and what they share.

I believe that every person, no matter where you are in life or how much money you have, or don’t have, can greatly benefit from this program. I encourage you sign up to receive the FREE 4 short videos and a teleseminar. These resources are packed with tools, information and inspiration to help you master your money and transform your life.

In the FREE 4 short videos and teleseminar you will learn:

· The three myths of scarcity that keep you from being fulfilled with what you have and the surprising truth that frees you

· A major habit that causes your desires to grow faster than your income... and the change in perspective that allows you to break this cycle

· A five-minute practice that will wake you up to a life of true financial abundance

· How knowing the difference between transformation and conventional change efforts can make the difference between short-term improvements and lasting benefits

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I want to master my money and transform my life.