What is Media Literacy??

What is media?

What is media? What is your definition of media? My definition of media might be totally different from your definition of media. Media to me is anything that interests you. Media can also be a form of entertainment. Media is something that over exaggerates basically anything to form a more deep per say opinion on a specific topic. Media can also have different forms of it. Media can range from the news and the newspapers you read to you using Facebook or Twitter. Media can have both pros and cons to it. Media can be a pro by you learning new information about what’s happening around the world, to a con by a kid being bullied on a social networking site. Media is also way of getting information across to others. Media is a way of getting to know people you usually wouldn’t know so much about. It’s a way of getting into somebody else’s life without personally knowing them. Now knowing what media is, what do you think media literacy is? Media literacy is how well you are able to hear or see something on the television, radio, or internet and tell whether it’s true or if the media is just bluffing it for propaganda purposes. Media literacy is also the ability to access, analyze, evaluate, and communicate in various types and forms. There’s a huge problem if you’re not media literate. If you’re not media literate it can open a whole new world to you. Not being media literate can put you in a dilemma in ways of knowing what’s right and what’s wrong.

Official Maserati Super Bowl Spot | 2014 Ghibli - Strike

Super Bowl Precis

Maserati in the Official Maserati Super Bowl Spot commercial asserts that Maserati will strike. They support their illustration by striking back at the world when everybody is asleep. The author’s purpose is to show how Maserati works and how elegant their cars are so that people by their fast luxurious cars. The author writes this in an exhilarating tone for those thrill seekers.

Satirical Writing

Kobe’s Return to the Lakers!

Azeem Ratnani, Sports Reporter

Monday, March 24, 2014

Los Angeles, California – Kobe is coming back to the NBA next week! Reports from the Lakers Organization claim that Kobe will have a speedy recovery due to his recent hired miracle worker. Yes, we have actual accounts from his close family and friends who told the Los Angeles Times that a monk from Thailand will perform magical rituals to help him recover instantly.

The Laker’s organization is more than excited to see Kobe back on the court in the weeks to come. In addition, the Lakers CEO is excited to see packed stadiums and sold out games. More fans are buying Lakers souvenirs to welcome this new and rejuvenated Kobe back on the courts. Lakers might actually have a chance at winning the next several road games and making their way into the playoffs.

Mike D’Antoni, Laker’s head coach, stated, “ We weren’t expecting our most prized possession of this organization to return till next year, but we’re more than eager to see him work his magic in the games to come.” Monk Nattapong is one of Thailand’s top spiritual healers; he will be flying to L.A. tomorrow morning to perform sacred rituals on the Laker’s superstar Kobe Bryant. He is known to work magical powers and tend to have mystical offerings.

Historical Event

When Martin Luther King, Jr. emerged as the leader of the Montgomery Bus Boycott in 1955, he began a long tenure as the spokesperson for nonviolent protest in the Civil Rights Movement. As a Baptist, he was a moral leader to the community. Plus, he was charismatic and had a powerful way of speaking. He was also a man of vision and determination. He never stopped dreaming of what could be. Yet he was a man, not a God. He was most often overworked and overtired. And he had a fondness for the private company of women. And though he was the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, he did not have complete control over the Civil Rights Movement. By 1968, violence had edged its way into the movement. Black Panther Party members carried loaded weapons; riots had erupted across the country; and numerous civil rights organizations had taken up the mantra "Black Power!"Yet Martin Luther King held strong to his beliefs, even as he saw the Civil Rights Movement being torn in two. Violence is what brought King back to Memphis in April 1968.On February 12, thirteen hundred African-American sanitation workers in Memphis went on strike. Though there had been a long history of grievances, the strike was begun as a response to a January 31 incident in which 22 black sanitation workers were sent without pay during bad weather while all the white workers remained on the job. When the City of Memphis refused to negotiate with the 1,300 striking workers, King and other civil rights leaders were asked to visit Memphis in support. On Monday, March 18, King managed to fit in a quick stop in Memphis, where he spoke to over 15,000 who had gathered at Mason Temple. Ten days later, King arrived in Memphis to lead a march in support of the striking workers. Unfortunately, as King led the crowd, a few of the protesters got rowdy and smashed the windows of a storefront. The violence spread and soon countless others had taken up sticks and were breaking windows and looting stores. Police moved in to disperse the crowd. Some of the marchers threw stones at the police. The police responded with tear gas and nightsticks. At least one of the marchers was shot and killed. King was extremely distressed at the violence that had erupted in his own march and became determined not to let violence prevail. He scheduled another march in Memphis for April 8.On April 3, King arrived in Memphis a little later than planned because there had been a bomb threat for his flight before takeoff. That evening, King delivered his "I've Been to the Mountaintop" speech to a relatively small crowd that had braved the bad weather to hear King speak. King's thoughts were obviously on his mortality, for he discussed the plane threat as well as the time he had been stabbed. At 6:01 p.m. on April 4, 1968, civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was walking down the road from his hotel to buy some Kentucky Fried Chicken where he was robbed of all his money this ended in a epidemic of smaller riots.

I wrote this because things would've definitely been way different if he hadn't been assassinated things would have ended a little more less violently.

Drake - Hold On We're Going Home (Lyrics)

1984 Song Paragraph

The song “Just hold on We’re Going Home” by Drake is perfect for the book 1984. Just Hold On We’re Going Home should be the song for the 1984 movie because it shows how emotional Drake is. Drake and Winston both have many emotions flowing through them. Also it should be the song for it because he is also waiting for his “Julia” Drake is talking about his girl that he wants to go home to in the song. It is also the perfect song for the movie because it shows how badly he wants something and that he would go to any extent to get what he wants. It shows how Julia left her mark her “mark” on Winston when at the end they meet back up tell each other that it’s just better if they stay away from each other instead of continue with the relationship they had before they had gotten sent to the prison.

Reflection of this class

Coming into British Literature or Media Literature I thought this would be one of the hardest classes to conquer. This class was by far one of the most interesting and most informational classes I've taken during my high school career. In the beginning I thought the class was boring because all we did was just do random busy work. Then all of a sudden we started having these intellectual and stimulating discussions. I liked how Coach Zopf incorporated the real world. It intrigued me that Coach brought up his own mistakes and told us where he had messed up, so us the newer generation could not make those same mistakes as he did when he was younger. One thing I learned is that when you truly work hard, that the hard work really pays off. In the beginning of the semester I was slacking and skipping class to be another one of those immature teenagers, when reality had hit me I knew it was time put on my big boy pants, get my head right and work hard to graduate. He also taught me that the world is not what it seems like. That the world isn't as naive as everybody thinks it is. For example he showed me how corrupt my own government is. The video we had watched during class about Guantanamo Bay really opened my eyes about how America is willing to save their behinds by lying about how they treat humans in such harsh ways. One thing I will be taking away from this class is that lazy people do double the work. When I heard him say that it really stuck with me and I hope it will stay with me in my future. This class is definitely way more different than any other Language Arts class. Usually in Language Arts they teach us grammar and spelling. This class was a bit altered compared to Language Arts; this course was more of a class to mature you up for college and the real world when you don’t have mommy and daddy to tell you what and what not to do. If it was up to me I wouldn't change a thing about this class because I’m grateful to have had this class with somebody who’s been through the ups and downs of life.