Media Literacy

Daniel Oh

1. What is Media?

Media is a form of communication that includes a variety of selection of material. Media has a wide array of different subjects for different people. A new book is for the voracious book worm and new music is for the aspiring musician. Some read newspapers, a lot browse the Internet, but really it’s a lot of material that is put out into the world. Some are private to an extent, but most media is just a click away. YouTube is a very good example of media. You can watch videos of cats and oranges and post your own silly videos if you like. Wikipedia has a vast amount of information from famous people to comics to machines etc. CNN helps broadcast events happening around the world. The only way for someone to avoid media is to lock him/her in an empty room and never come out. It’s extreme, but that is how accessible and near media is.

Media Literate is the state of being able to analyze, review, and create subjective and objective judgments with media. For example, a group of musicians can review a random song and tell each other what they like and dislike. One of the members can say they did not like one of the verses and another can say they did not really like the beat. In another example, commentators can talk about the many stats and how players are doing so that viewers can understand what else is going on in the lives of the players. One way of becoming media literate is sitting on the computer browsing through articles and other services.

2. Super Bowl Hyundai Commercial Precis

In Hyundai's Super Bowl commercial, "Dad's Sixth Sense", Hyundai reminisces on the childhood belief that dad would always save the day. Hyundai further upholds the belief by filming sets with a father and his reckless son , in which the last set, the son is driving distracted when Hyundai's automatic emergency brake system kicks in before he crashes into another automobile. Hyundai's objective is to relate to a childhood belief and ensure extra safety when kids drive in order to sell the all new Hyundai Genesis with standard auto emergency brakes. Hyundai's target audience is 35-50 year old males with families, who want to purchase a good first car for their children.

Cool Hyundai Super Bowl Commercial (2014) Dad's Sixth Sense - Hyundai Genesis

3. Satirical Column: K-Pop: The Rise of a New Music Era

ATLANTA - Korean pop music or "K-Pop" has been reaching its arms around the globe. The industry is ever-growing with millions of fans encountering the music.

Many of the entertainment business in Korea such as S.M., Y.G., and J.Y.P. are also giving upcoming artist an opportunity to audition and prove themselves. At one of the audition locations in Atlanta, the passion and hype is just too real.

"Oh my gosh, I absolutely love K-Pop, K-Pop is the best music compared to others genres" relies Karen, 22, " The artists and groups are all so skinny and good looking, it just makes me want to be just like them."

K-Pop's standard of appearance is trendy and suave. Fans have been imitating the neon jackets with 13 straps and multicolored pants. Hair salons have been increasingly become richer and clothes stores are starting to include jewelry on their design lines. Some fans have even started wearing colorful bicycle helmets.

"My skin and my looks are very important to me" says K-Pop soloist, Cion, 24, "I spend at least 5 hours a day taking care of my appearance."

K-Pop artists and groups train hard from sunrise to sunset singing, dancing, and taking care of their image.

"Oh my gosh, have you heard the new song, Carry by Equos? It's like a way better version of Dark Horse by Katy Perry" replies an anonymous lunatic fan, " Americans always copy K-Pop because they are full of empty ideas, so American music sucks."

As K-Pop globalization grows, millions of listeners will be carrying at least 5 albums of K-Pop songs on mobile devices. The music industry will have absurd styles and OCD over appearances.

Big image

4. Don't Judge Others When You're a Sinner Too

Speak your mind, you skeptical, sinful, satirical, sadist! Do you realize how scornful and sharp your scorching,smart sneer has made you look saucy, sassy,and salty? How much longer will you keep up that smutty, sacrilegious manner of yours? You are not supernaturally superior to those you step upon!If you do not sympathize with others eye to eye, at least be seemly simpatico because your sniveling, shameful sensibility sickens me. Your sentiment is not sensitive to the shaky and senile or even to the spindly and sophisticated youngsters. Seemingly so, do not fix another man's fence until you have seen your own.
Big image

5. Rewritten Truths: Truman Decides No On The Use Of Atomic Bomb

The 32nd President of the United States of America, Franklin D. Roosevelt, died on April 12th, 1945. Two days later, the presidential vacancy was then filled by Harry S. Truman, who had a tough decision ahead of him. About a week before F.D.R.’s death, the secretive Manhattan Project was finished and the first uranium atomic bomb was created. However, to kill millions of Japanese versus killing millions of Germans was outweighed when Truman decided not to use the atomic bomb on any country. Truman’s verdict began to anger the people of the United States because the people wanted their brothers, sons, and fathers to come back home safely. Truman’s decision continued the raging battles of WWII for another four years. On January 4th, 1946, the Japanese started to border the west coast of South America and made their way up to Mexico by August of 1947. The Germans, being continually squeezed in between by Great Britain and Russia, held their own, but eventually the Jews overturned the country in July of 1947. This left Japan as the remaining Axis power in the game, however Japan did not yield. Billions of lives were lost, and all of Europe, Asia, and the Americas were in ruins. On November 17th, 1947, the Allied powers and Japan signed an armistice until they could recover from the immense amount of casualties or come to an agreement to end the war. This further angered the people all over the world causing riots and chaos throughout the nations. Destruction swept throughout all over the world, until finally, on January 17th, 1948, the U.S. decided to call a national convention. The Neva Conventions were held and for months they organized many peace treaties, regulations, exceptions, and all sorts of laws. Before dismissing the convention, the League of Nations was created on May 24th, 1948.

53 years later, on March 15th, 2001, all hell broke loose. The League of Nations collapsed and countries were fighting each other again all over the world. All of Europe except for Portugal, Spain, and Italy were fighting against Russia and the Middle East for resources and territory. Japan, China, and Vietnam battled out with the U.S., Canada, and Mexico over past disputes. The rest of Asia was at combat with Australia over the islands. Both South American countries and Africa provinces were having their own civil wars and everyone was fighting over what parts of Antarctica and the Arctic was their property. No country had ever used nuclear weapons until George Tree had to use it on Japan and Vietnam. This brought a shock around the world turning all of their forces to the U.S.A. because of the peace treaty that was signed to never use nuclear weapons. The U.S. was now to be divided into districts because of the violation of the treaty. It was divided into four districts according to the time zones, Europe receiving the Eastern Time Zone, Asia obtaining the Pacific Time Zone, Australia gained the Mountain Time Zone, and Africa accepted the Central Time Zone. This is how we know of the U.S. today

Big image
Many times in history, war is always repeated to an extent that we cannot stop. Imagine in a parallel universe that the UN was not existent, wars would be blown out of proportions. We would surely be at the end of humanity over such silly causes if we did not have thinkers in this world and I hope the thinkers would speak their minds so nothing worse happens. By the way, I meant everybody needs to speak their mind.

6. "1984 Theme Song Suggestion: Vultures By John Mayer

John Mayer’s Vultures is a perfect a song to incorporate into the theme of 1984. In the beginning of the song, it says “Some of us, we’re hardly ever here, the rest of us, we’re born to disappear”. In 1984, this relates to the Party being immortal and individuals are used until they’re vaporized. The Party just switches out old members for new members like switching out broken car parts for new ones. In the chorus, Mayer writes “Down to the wire, I wanted water, but I'll walk through the fire, if this is what it takes, to take me even higher, then I'll come through, like I do when the world keeps, testing me, testing me, testing me”. Winston continually dreams of overthrowing the government and is willing to do anything to break the system. He would steal, cheat, and even murder to violate and go against the Party. Mayer continues to write in the third verse, “Wheels up, I got to leave this evening, Can't seem to shake these vultures off of my trail, Power is made, by pure manipulation, So I keep on running, To protect my situation”. This can describe the many times Winston and Julia wanted to escape Oceania and live on the run. The Party’s power is also just pure manipulation onto the people.

[Verse 1]

Some of us, we're hardly ever here

The rest of us, we're born to disappear

How do I stop myself from being just a number?

How will I hold my head

To keep from going under?


Down to the wire

I wanted water

But I'll walk through the fire

If this is what it takes

To take me even higher

Then I'll come through

Like I do when the world keeps

Testing me, testing me, testing me

[Verse 2]

How did they find me here?

What do they want from me?

All of these vultures hiding

Right outside my door

I hear them whispering

They're trying to ride it out

Because they've never gone this long

Without a kill before


[Verse 3]

Wheels up

I got to leave this evening

Can't seem to shake these vultures

Off of my trail

Power is made, by power being taken

So I keep on running

To protect my situation



Ooh, ooh, ooh

What are you going to do about it?

John Mayer - Vultures [HD]

7. Reflection

First, I have learned to be more careful with the words that I choose. Whether it be spoken or written, I have learned to enjoy my time as a youthful, amateur writer only to become better. I will not forget the opinions of others because it fascinates me on how differently each and every mind works. Some people are more convergent thinkers than they are divergent, but everyone had their own subjective manner to deal with. Many of my fellow classmates spoke their mind, but I wanted to be as careful as possible. Yes there were times I was reckless with my words and stuttered very often, but it takes time and practice to speak more articulately and eloquently. I will only get better when I realize my mistakes and do something about it.

The class was faster paced than any of my other language arts class I’ve had so far. I think maybe because it was the lack of vocabulary and DGP which I am glad we did not do, but nevertheless it was fun. The hilarious jokes and burns, putting people on blast for a good few minutes, and the continuous amounts of discussions always kept my mind ready and working. I especially loved how many more movies we have watched compared to the previous years of any of my high school classes because I’m not much of a movie watcher.

I think the class is great and everyone will always have the morning cases of tiredness, stress, or maybe too much energy. I only wish the Smore’s website had a better interface, but at least it’s better than Blogger by Google. I’m not very sure what else to say, but this has been quite a year. Well, I will keep writing until I have three hundred words. Alright I’m sure I got all three hundred words, but in any case I don’t have anymore to say.