Another Sense

Cafe and Shop for all things mystical.

The Go to Place for Tarot and Herbalism

Both in store and online Another Sense cafe offers accurate and honest tarot readings, the addition of out new store we have several new features, including a cafe where along with the regular delicious treats, our herbalists can brew tea with a variety of herbs known for their special effects. Also meet face to face with people who can unlock the secrets of your future, and guide you down your own path, be that venturing into wicca, or picking up the art of tarot.

What we offer

True Knowledge Awaits!

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Store Hours:

  • Monday-Friday 12-10
  • Saturday 11-11
  • Sunday 12-9


Eri (Tarot): Monday, Thurday, Saturday, Sunday 12-10

Linna (Runes and Crystals): Saturday, Sunday 1-9

Henna (Herbalist): All Days 12-6

Shelly (Tarot and Runes): Monday-Friday 11-6

Cate (Herbalist) Monday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 2-6