Fifth Grade Field Trip

We had a great time exploring The Capitol & Clinton Library

The Capitol

  • Highlights of our visit include the grand staircases, as well as the Old Supreme Court Chamber and Governor’s Reception Room. Monuments on the grounds honor Arkansas heroes such as veterans of the Vietnam War and the Little Rock Nine of Central High.
  • We found it interesting that the massive bronze front doors of the Arkansas State Capitol are 10-feet tall, four inches thick and were purchased from Tiffany's of New York for $10,000. Today their estimated value is over $250,000.
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The Clinton Library

The kids really enjoyed the information from the Clinton library! It was beautiful building with amazing information wall to wall. We viewed exhibits that told the inside story of the Clinton Presidency, providing a direct connection to history through actual memos and rough drafts, up-close photography, video clips, and countless unique artifacts. The story they tell is one of hard work, long hours, and a shared dedication never to lose focus on the work of the American people. We really found the gifts Clinton received while President neat. Did you know he's not allowed to keep them?? We viewed glass trees that were used to decorate the white house at Christmas time and other blown glass that was breathtaking. We learned about President Clinton's life before his presidency and during. We also learned about the Little Rock 9. Did you know they were one of the reason's Bill Clinton decided to become president?