Weekly Update

17th Week


General Announcements

  • One more week until Winter Break! Woo hoo!!!!! :)
  • Please see the invitation below regarding our classroom party! We hope to see you there! We are "Partying with a Purpose" and collecting school uniform clothing.
  • STEAM day is December 15th! We are collecting newspapers for this event, so we would love for you to donate if you have any extras!
  • VIPs went home 12/10/15. Please sign and return!
  • There was a sheet that went home with missing assignments from students. Please disregard. This sheet was not supposed to be filed into VIP papers. You will receive an email from me notifying you of the assignments I am missing.
  • A rubric error has been found on the Desktop Stores writing assignment. Please return your student's writing and the checklist for an updated score. This assignment was used by all third grade teachers and we will update the rubric with the corrections.


  • We have finished The Lemonade War! It is a series, so if you or your student is interested, you should check out the next book: The Lemonade Crime. Ask your students if the book ended like they predicted!
  • Next week we will continue our previous grammar focus on commas.

Social Studies

  • We will continue our unit, "Roots of Our Democracy". Ask your students to compare and contrast direct and representative democracies.
  • The test will be Thursday 12/17/15. Please let me know ahead of time if you will be absent this day, so I can give your student the assessment ahead of time.


This week we have focused on understanding square units and calculating area. We will continue to focus on Area next week and dig deeper into it. This week we reviewed array models. (Array models can help student solve and understand area easier.)

Even though there is not much homework coming home, please work with your student in memorizing their multiplication facts. A game that some students play is "Multiplication War". It is just like the card game, except you use multiplication flash cards. (If you don't have flash cards you can easily make your own with index card. Please let me know if you need some and I can send some home with your student.) To play the game you first divide the stack of cards equally among the players. Players keep their cards in a stack. Players will then take the top card and flip it over face up to see the multiplication problem. Players will answer the multiplication problem. The player with the higher product (an answer to a multiplication problem) will keep both cards. Players will continue unit they have no more cards in their original stack. The player who has collected the most cards win.

Photos of the Week

Video of the Week


Winter Holiday Classroom Party

Wednesday, Dec. 16th, 11am-12pm

5530 State Bridge Crossing

Come celebrate the Winter Holidays with us! We will be "partying with a purpose" and donating collected items to City of Refuge. There will be a letter explaining the donations sent home on Friday, December 4th.

Contact Information

Email is always the best way to contact me. Please allow me 24 hours to respond. Please stay informed about our magical mischief with our classroom website and twitter.