Tech Tip Tuesday!

Great Google Docs Add-Ons

Change Case, Capitals, and Remove Line Breaks

Some great editing tools will help your Google Docs. With these add-ons, you will be able to make those changes and save yourself time!

Change Case

This is a great add-on to use to automatically change the case of selected blocks of text. It actually supports uppercase, lower first letter capitals, sentence case capitalization and title capitalization.
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Capitals is another good Google Doc tool that allow you to easily convert between uppercase, lowercase and small caps. You simply select a block of text and choose whether you to make uppercase, lowercase, add or remove small caps.
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Remove Line Breaks

As its name indicates, this Google Docs add-on lets you easily remove line breaks from pasted text. Next time you paste a portion of text and turns out into uneven lines, with one click Remove Line Breaks formats your text and gives it that neat and compact look by eliminating all the breaks.
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View video to see how!

Remove Line Breaks (in Google Docs)