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October 19th, 2018. We're glad you're here!

FMS Counseling: Mrs. Crawford, Mrs. Horstmeier & Ms. Jo


Red Ribbon week is the Nations' oldest and largest drug prevention program reaching millions of Americans during the last week of October every year.

Red Ribbon Week educates individuals, families, and communities on the destructive effects of alcohol and drugs and encourages the adoption of healthy life style choices.

The National Family Partnership estimates that more than 80 million people participate in Red Ribbon events each year. Red Ribbon Week at FMS has a theme for each day and we hope everyone will participate.

Talking with Children about Alcohol and Drugs

Being a good listener gives you insight into your child’s world. Encourage him with phrases such as “that’s interesting” or “I didn’t know that.” Don't hesitate to ask questions like, “Why do you like that…”

During conversations with your child/teen you will find moments where you can steer the conversation to serious issues… even briefly. The US Department of Education has learned that our teenagers who say the learned a lot about the risks of drugs from their parents are much less likely to try marijuana, for example, than those who learned nothing.

You needn’t fear that by introducing the topic of drugs you’re “putting ideas” into your children’s heads any more than talking about traffic safety might make them run out in front of a car. You’re letting them know about potential dangers in their environment so that when they’re confronted with those dangers, they will know what to do.

Individual discussions do not need to be long conversations. Pick the topic up again at another opportunity.

T a l k i n g w i t h C h i l d r e n a b o u t A l c o h o l a n d D r u g s . K e e p K i d s D r u g F r e e F o u n d a t i o n , I n c . H t t p : / / w w w . k k d f . o r g .

Needing to see the counselor?

Students needing to access the counselor's office can submit a form from their chromebooks by clicking on the apps button. This form comes only to the counselor's. If you have any questions or need help finding the form refer to the email that was sent from Mrs. Horstmeier. You can also ask your teacher for help. Obviously if there is an emergency, students will be sent to the Counselors Office immediately. This is just a great way to help students stay in the classroom for instruction time.

While Mrs. Crawford is on Maternity Leave

Mrs. Crawford will be going on maternity leave sometime in the next week. While she is out through Jan 3rd, Mrs. Sandy Kelley will be helping out in the FMS School Counseling Office. Mrs.Kelley is a retired school counselor and spent many years at Fulton High School in the counseling department. Mrs. Horstmeier will also lend a hand to help out any students needing assistance while Mrs. Crawford is out.

Here are a few ways you can reach out to us in the FMS Counseling Office:

Mrs. Horstmeier works with students with a last name starting with an A-J and can be reached at and Mrs. Crawford works with students with a last name starting with a K-Z and can be reached at

Ms. Jo is the Counseling Office secretary and can be reached at

Counseling Office phone number is 573-590-8208

Transition to 9th grade

8th graders: It's never to early to start thinking about the transition to Fulton High School. What classes will you take? What grades do I need to hold as an 8th grader to take a honors class? Please see the documents below. Click Here.

Mr. Yates

Feel free to contact me any time!


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Please visit the site at Your kids can log in and show you their progress and what cool things they are able to do. Our Goal is to have up to lesson 2.3.5 complete by the end of the week. We will move forward next week so check with your kids to make sure they are caught up.


We will be using to improve your kids' typing skills. For fun we use to challenge others in typing races. For an additional challenge visit!

Digital footprint

Continue to be an upstander and make good choices online. Keep up your positive digital footprint! For more resources visit


Our current projects are 3D printing and iMovie.

Parents, please have your child log into google classroom to show you their daily assignments. You can see the cool things they have created and whether they have turned in what they need to as we move forward towards the end of the term.

1st Quarter proficiency scales for computers

Coach Windmiller, Coach Youse, Coach Evans


Congratulations to our September P.E. Students of the Month!!!!!!!!!

Khianua Gay and Jaden Cunningham

Mariah Reed and Jaron Cowans

Janie Oglesby and Gage Feltner


Coach Evans- Health until Dec. 14

Coach Windmiller- Basketball

Coach Youse- Volleyball


Coach Evans' classes will begin Health on Monday, Oct. 22 for 7 weeks. During this time, they will not need to bring clothes or dress out.

6th Grade Health will be in Room 123

7th Grade Health will be in Room 117/120

8th Grade Health will be in Room 110

Health Students will need to bring their Chromebook and writing utensil each day to class

6th Grade Study Guides



7th Grade Study Guides



8th Grade Study Guides



6th-8th Grade Skills Proficiency Scales

Policies and Procedures

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Dr. Moebes

AFTER SCHOOL CHOIR aka HARMONY HORNETS ON TUESDAYS!!! We rehearse after school on Tuesdays, 3:20-4:15! Students should go to their lockers AT the car rider bell, get backpacks, then report to the choir room (G07) on Tuesdays after school!



Welcome to Music 6 for the second term! We have 2 amazing groups, and they are off to a great start! We have been getting acquainted, and exploring music and emotions. Students are currently creating "My Personal Soundtrack" presentations! We will share those in class next week!

Want to know how this class is graded? Click here for proficiency scales!

Careers 8

HUGE THANKS to DeShawn Stallworth for visiting our class on Wednesday!

We are continuing our study of finance, and have been discussing famous people who have gone BANKRUPT! We are having conversations about fiscal responsibility as well. Students have also had the opportunity to assume the role of financial advisor for the stars who have declared bankruptcy.

We have added a letter writing section to our class due to the poor behavior or several class members this week. ALL students will have the opportunity to explore letter writing, either by writing an apology for their conduct, OR by writing a thank you note to our guest teacher. Please ask your child about which letter they wrote, and why.

Want to know how this class is assessed (how it is graded), click here.

We have the following field trips scheduled for our class:

November 15th: Campus tour/visit to William Woods University

November 27th: Campus visit/tour to University of Missouri, Columbia

Guest Speakers:

October 23rd: Michelle Kemp, MU

Choir 7/Choir 8, Arts Alive7

We had a great field trip to St. Louis on Thursday! Look below to see a few pictures!

Want to know how grades are assessed in choir? Click here!

Want to know HOW this class is assessed? Click here!

FMS Vocal Music Handbook

Please feel free to contact me at any time: For pictures and daily updates about Vocal Music at FMS, follow me on Twitter: @MoebesMusic

Mrs. Blandford and Ms. Neudecker

We are so excited to see you all in the band program this year! There are going to be so many exciting things!

6th Grade Band:

Next Week:

Post Test - Fingerings and Note Names (Tuesday)

Percussion you will need your snare practice pad and books for next week.

The points for Band Olympics will be added soon. The first playing assessments has taken place and will be updated in the grade book very soon. Students were assessed on correct pitch and intonation. Please make sure your students are practicing. The prize for the winning team will be something that they do not want to miss!

If your student ordered a book through the school, they are in and they cost $10.99. These can be paid for with cash or check. Checks should be made payable to FULTON MIDDLE SCHOOL. Please let me know if you have any questions!

Also, if your student needs any reeds, valve oil, slide grease or any other accessory for your instrument, you can always buy these through the school as well!

7th Grade Band:

7th Grade Band is doing so well already!

We have started our new book, and if you would like to buy one for your child that they can keep at home that is more than welcome. Please let me know if you would like to go that route, and I will get one ordered. You can then pay the school as soon as they come in.

The 7th grade band will be playing at a Veteran's Day assembly at the middle school and we just received that sheet music to start sight reading today. Please encourage them to be practicing at home.

8th Grade Band:

8th Grade Band is off to a strong start. We are doing a lot of review, and the students are responding very well.

Students will be starting new sheet music for the December concert. More information will be sent home when it becomes available.

7/8 Wire Choir:

This week in 7/8th Grade Wire Choir we will be working on the Am and Em chords. As well as adding G and G7. Students will be working on chord progressions as well as looking at reading music in TAB.

Students have received new books, please make sure that you are encouraging your students to take care of their books, as well as the equipment.

Feel free to contact us with any questions at or

Proficiency scales for each class can be found below in PDF form.

Mr. Chapman

News from the Art Room

6th Grade:
Students this week will finalizing projects and working on a collaborative project to wrap things up.

This week I will be welcoming new students for the 2nd quarter, we will be getting to know each other, going over rules and procedures in the classroom, and introducing ourselves to art.

7th Grade:

Students are finalizing our objective:

ELO: 1 Students will select and apply media, techniques and processes to solve challenging visual art problems.

FA1- using pencil to create simulated and implied texture. Create an original artwork that communicates nature. FA2-Identify the use of implied and simulated texture. Identify and demonstrate value and a range of values.

Students will be studying “old barns” and landscapes. Students will be looking at and practicing the use of value and discovering how to create texture with various line and shading techniques. We will be very drawing intensive for the next several weeks. Students will make several drawings of their “old Barns” and place emphasis on the layering work it takes to build up a finalized drawing. These often turn out amazing and challenge students to think about value, and perspective as well.

Our next Objective will be looking at American Folk art where students will be able to take some liberties as well as finding quotes that empower. Students will look at the Art of Scott Stanton (Panhandle Slim) as well as other folk artists. We will get into more details and look at our objective next week.

8th Grade:

We are wrapping up our objective this week, and moving to a new objective towards the end of the week.
Objective: ELO 4: Students will explain the connections between art and the world around them

Students will continue working a portrait study and do practice on facial features in a six panel as a breakdown component of this lesson. I feel the extra drawing practice is crucial for them to fully understand the visual literacy component, and more challenging part of this objective. Students are also shifting into our tree trilogy lesson which is the second part of this objective. This will reflect on second quarter. Student will be using what they have learned in the texture and shading process and applying it to drawing trees. They will then experiment with multiple medias and do a triptych of their tree using multiple mediums to connect the three.

ELO 4a: Students will explain the connections between visual art and the world around them

o Historical Reference

§ Art in archaeology

§ Arts as time and place indicator

o Cultural Reference

§ Art defining culture

Students will be creating a personalized Coat of Arms.

Why was a coat of arms or family crest so important during the dark ages? What sort of link to present times can you think of that we still use today?

In our projects in 7th grade we used illuminated letters to give a visual testament of who we are, how do you think a coat of arms can describe you?

In this assignment we will use the elements of building a Coat of Arms for ourselves. We will include some, but not all of the ideas and visuals that were used in a Coat of Arms

First you will pre-plan and draw out your Personal Coat of Arms

Include a shield, which it quartered with each quadrant develop a symbolic representation of who you are or something about you.

Directly above the shield include your spirit animal

Above your animal, include a banner or ribbon that has your last name

Below the shield you will also include a ribbon or banner with your life motto

Add floral, fathering, or flame as well as symbols that represent your family, self, or strength.

We will age the paper by using coffee grounds

Next Art Club Meeting is November 7th

Artfully yours,

Mr. Chapman

Art Teacher

Fulton Middle School

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The FMS Thrive Hive

The Fulton Middle School Thrive Hive opened for business on Monday, August 21st. The store is open 7:25 to 7:45 each morning. If students aren't able to shop then they can email Mrs. Horstmeier @ or Mrs. Yates @ for an appointment to shop.

The Thrive Hive is designed to allow students to use their Hornet Bucks--earned through the Positive Behavior Support Program--to purchase items from the store. The Thrive Hive was created to help the needs of the FMS Student Community.

Items currently needed for the store are:

Any age appropriate toys, DVD's for the holidays.

As we gear up for winter: Hats, gloves, scarves, and coats.

Snack items: Nutella snack packs, Slim jims and pop tarts.

Other needs are ear buds and water bottles.

We will be gearing up for the holiday season so baskets to make gift packages for students to purchase would be great.

All other items are appreciated as well.

If you would like to donate, please call Fulton Middle School at 573-590-8200.…/thrive-hive-gets-middle-…/646415/

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Mrs. Jessica Lairmore

Class visits are going great. I really appreciate you going above and beyond in the Library! We will be starting some fun activities in the Library soon.

If you have time, stop by the Library and vote for your favorite Book Club Pumpkin!


Please let your ELA teacher know that you would like to record a book talk with me. We will set up a time and get it going. If you don't want your face to be part of our morning announcements, I have lots of tricks up my sleeves and we come up with a fun way to do your book talk!

If you have a book request for me, please write it down on the Wanted poster by the book check out desks. I'll try and get those ordered soon! Don't forget to return or renew your books every 2 weeks so you don't get an overdue notice from me.

The Library now has a Snapchat & an Instagram Account! Find all the ways to follow the Library happenings below.

See you in the Library!

If you want to see some things happening in the Library:

Follow us on Snapchat: fhornets2

Follow us on Instagram: fms_library or FMS LIBRARY

My You Tube Channel is:

Follow the Library fun on Twitter:

You can contact me by email at:

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Please keep in mind that some students at FMS have an allergy to nuts, tree nuts and popcorn. Please be mindful of what food your child is bringing to school, and notice the signs throughout the school building. Thank you!
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Please check out the Digital Citizenship information at This site will help you keep up-to-date with current issues and trends in technology. Check out the "Parent" section! We are very proud at FMS to be recognized as a Digital Citizenship Certified School for the year 2016-17.