Anatomy Training

with Maureen

Begins Sunday, October 7 - Two Learning Options (see description)

Who want's to learn more anatomy and how it can not only help you in yoga, but in everday life?

This anatomy training, open to all, based on Dr. Ray Long's "Key Muscles of Yoga, Vol. 1"

Using Dr. Ray Long's book "Key Muscles of Yoga, Vol. 1" we will learn the muscles utilized in different asanas that are practiced in yoga. This is a great way for you to develop a deeper understanding of the physical body and is beneficial for students and teachers alike. No previous knowledege of anatomy is needed, just a want to get into the asanas a little easier and deeper. With this understanding, the mind is able to be more focused and there is less risk of injury. When you are anatomically correct in the asanas, your practice becomes therapeutic in and of itself.

Two meeting options:
Sundays: 4pm - 4:45pm Lecture at Studio. This will be recorded and shared on Youtube.
Sunday Evenings: The video that was recorded earlier will be shared on Youtube if you are not able to meet at studio. You can live anywhere in the world and still participate.

Either option, you will have the opportunity to contact me via email with questions/comments as needed.

This will last several months, I will begin in October 2012... the youtube video would be easy and you could watch on your own at any time that week.

Prices: $40/month or $250 for the whole program which includes connecting outside of the Sunday class times as you progress through the anatomy.

Must purchase "Key Muscles of Yoga, Vol. 1" by Dr. Ray Long

Prerequisite: Love Yoga!!

Please contact us for more details

Anatomy Training

Sunday, Oct. 7th 2012 at 4pm

2232 Elm Rd NE

Warren, OH

Will meet at The Yoga Room or can learn online via YouTube