Problems of Africa

James Shaw


Desertification is when fertile land turns into a barren or desert. Parts of Coastal Africa South of the Sahara are experiencing desertification because of mismanagement of natural resources.


Africa has overpopulation because of the slave trade, Migratory movements, and Ethnic wars. It is happening in the Sub-Sahara region.


Genocide is taking place in Rwanda, Africa. Genocide is the killing of a type of race/religion.

Genocide is taking place because of political differences, Lust for power, and poverty.


Apartheid is taking place in South Africa. It happened so it could cement economics and social control over South Africa and its resources.

Civil War

A Civil War is when the same country fight each other in a war. The Civil war is happening in Namibia and Angola. This is happening because the white South Africans and the black South Africans are fighting for land


This is happening in South Africa in the Sub-Sahran region. It is happening because of all the diseases like yellow fever, Hepatitis A and E.

Rite of Passage

Rite of Passage means a ceremony where a boy goes from being a boy to a man. A Rite of Passage examples are Bull jumping, Blood Initiation.


Swahili is spoken In the Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania area. Swahili is a bantu spoken language in Eastern Africa.


The term polygamy means to have more than one wife. This takes place all over Africa.


Bantu means - Relating to or denoting a group of Niger–Congo languages spoken in central and Southern Africa.