So You Wanna Be A Track Star!!!!

By...Zena Marie

How To become an Track Star

Becoming an track star takes hard work and dedication if you want to set your mind to become that its going to be a lot of hard work cause you have to be focused at all time on an off the track & always be an your zone at track meets cause there's always couches watching you so do your best and you will succeed.

Job Description

Track Star make lots of money because they could have sponser like Nike, Addias, & (Etc) when they have sponsers they get 1,000 added on to the money they regualar get paid now if there 10-25 Top in the world they get $10k-75 it depenps on which events you do like for example if you do sprits & 400m you get $400k and you have to have an shoe contract
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How to make yourself get ready

Staying in shape, Always training your self & The number one thing is to NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR SELF!!!!! (Always have faith)
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