G.R.A.P.E.S of Serbia

BY: Kevin McClain


  • Serbia is located in Europe
  • winters are cold and summers are hot and humid
  • the capital is belgrade
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  • the main religions are orthodox, Muslim, roman Catholic, and protestant,
  • More then 90% of serbia is othodox.
  • serbia practices freedom of realigion
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  • The people of Serbia gained their independence on June 5 2006
  • Serbia has had some of the most famous scientists for example milutin milankovic who is best known for his theory of ice ages
  • Serbia is known for the monuments from the roman empire



  • The majors industries are sugar, machinery, paper, and lead
  • The currency is called yugoslav dinar
  • serbia exports goods but does not have any major imports

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Style of Living

  • Their is extreme differences between the rich and the poor because of shortages and inflation
  • most people wear western style clothing
  • almost all of the countiures teachers are woman
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