ELAR Independent Reading: ENGL IV

Nonfiction Articles, Essays, and Speeches

Examples of print essays and speeches can be found on the cart in the library,

or search the library catalog here for more print choices.

*Try searching for "essay" or "speech" under keyword, or you can look for a specific title or author.

*If you add the theme you are searching for to the search, you are not likely to get any results. You will need to click the titles that are retrieved from your search to read more about the collection of essays or speeches to decide whether it's worth more investigation (i.e. you browsing through the book to determine whether it has a nonfiction piece which ties thematically to Othello).

*Most essays and speeches will be in the 300s.


Use the ProQuest Databases

1. Click the "Advanced Search" link above the search box.

2. Type in the theme you have chosen from Othello in the search box.

3. Check the "full text" box.

4. Under Document type, check any of the following you'd like to search for: article, editorial, front page/cover story, government & official document, reference document, speech/lecture.

5. Click "Search".

6. You can further narrow your results by choosing specific source type, publication, etc. on the right side of the results list if needed.

Use the Ebsco Databases

1. Click "Student Resource Center"

2. Type the theme you have chosen from Othello in the "Find" search box.

3. Uncheck everything except "Magazine" and "Newspapers" and check "Full Text" (Note: If you want to limit your search even more, click Advanced Search and specify "Document" and "Publication" types such as editorial, article, periodical, government document, speech, etc.)

4. Click search.

5. You can further limit by subject on the left and you can choose the publication type by clicking the tabs across the top of the results if needed.

Use the Gale General OneFile

1. Advanced search above the search box.

2. In "keyword", type the theme you have chosen from Othello.

3. Under "document type", highlight any nonfiction format you want to search (essay, essay collections, speech, brief article, etc.) To choose multiple document types hol down the control button while you make your selections.

4. Click search.

5. You can limit by subtopic on the left.

Use the ABC-Clio Databases

1. Type in the theme you have chosen from Othello in the search box. (You will be searching in all of the ABC-Clio databases simultaneously from this screen, or you can uncheck those databases you do not want to search in.)

2. Click "Go".

3. The results links will be in blue with a number next to the database. This number is how many items on that topic were found in the database. Click on any of the five databases in which you want to look at the results list (American Government, American History, World Geography, World History: Ancient and Medieval Eras, World History: The Modern Era).

4. You can further narrow the results by choosing items to filer on the left side of the page (types of articles, documents, etc.)

5. Simply click back to go back to your results if you want to look at the results list from one of the other databases.

To access any of the databases from home, log in to Mackin Via (email Mrs. Turner if you do not know the password) and choose the database you want to search in.


Overdrive Classic Titles

Certain public domain titles are available in unlimited quantities from OverDrive. You can download these to your devices or read them on your computer. You don't have to check them out, so once you download them you have them forever. Free!

Here's how:

  1. Visit our OverDrive site.
  2. Type your student ID number.
  3. Click "Collections" at the top and choose "Project Gutenberg".
  4. Under Browse Subjects, choose "Essays".
  5. Download to a device or read on your computer.

Need Additional Help?

See Mrs. Turner in the library. She's happy to help!