Leprechaun Trap

By:Brianna Campbell

Fall for the gold

This is the name of my Leprechaun Trap. In which we are doing in Science class. We worked on it outside of class. Even though we got time to work on it last Thursday and yesterday.

Supplies needed

In this project, you will need some supplies before you trick that pesky leprechaun!

  • Lots of Rope.
  • A pulley.
  • A cage that is about the size of a small bird.
  • About 10 small wooden boards.
  • A big shiny gold bell.
  • And of course a green Mardi Gras necklace.
  • A sticky pad like they trap mouses with.
  • Ironically, a mouse trap also. And about a box of Dominoes.
  • And, last a trip wire.

Guaranteed to be fun and rewarding!

Frequently asked questions

Q: Why do you want to trap a leprechaun? A: Some people trap leprechauns to become rich or to brag about it.

Q: Will this hurt the leprechaun? A: No, everything in these projects will be materials to trap, not harm