The flag of Iceland

The Flag of iceland is red and blue and what that flag means to them is that it represents there enviroment.


Iceland is located in reykjavik.

Major land form

The major land forms is greenland in the Artic circle.

Major land marks

Icelander's obtained their own constitution.

Major bodies of water

It lies in the North Atlantic Ocean.

Type of Government

They have a constitutional republic.


Icelander's wear modern,western-clothe s;Icelander's have a Germanic language;Icelander's holidays are New years,National Day, and Bank holiday and other more;over 90% of Icelander's belong to the official state church, Evangelical Lutheran church.Icelander's sometimes eat raw food and they eat mostly fish and the lamb that are like staples of Diet.


The Iceland weather is temperature and it is cool. There are no extreme temperatre variations between seasons. July is the hottest month 52°f the coldest is January 0°c 32°f. Presipitation distribution in to surface water and groundwater components. (by climate religion).


The history of Iceland is one of survival and prosperity settled by norsemen from scandinavia and celts from the british isles settled in the 9th through 10th centuries. Iceland history has always been shaped by events on the larger politicla stage of the Nordic countries.

Compare and Contrast

The United States and Iceland both eat fish. Our religions are different because Iceland has 90% of people in there church and United States has 32%. Iceland and the United States have different languages. In the United States and Iceland have the same clothing because in the United Stes also wear western clothing.