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Dear Students, Parents, and Staff,

It's hard to believe that we've already been in school for more than a month! Time truly flies when you're busy and having fun, doesn't it? I wanted to take a moment to reflect on our progress so far and offer some thoughts on where we're headed.

First and foremost, I'm proud of our students for the hard work they've put in these past few weeks. We've seen great effort in and out of the classroom, and it's been amazing to see the enthusiasm and dedication our students have brought to their studies. Whether it's Math, Science, English, or any other subject, our students have demonstrated a commitment to learning and a desire to grow and improve.

Of course, none of this would be possible without the incredible efforts of our teachers and staff. They've worked tirelessly to create engaging and effective lessons, and they've done an amazing job of supporting our students both academically and emotionally. It's clear that they're passionate about their work, and it's been a privilege to watch them in action.

Looking ahead, I'm excited about what the rest of the year has in store for us. We have many exciting initiatives and programs planned, including our upcoming Summer Internships, Inter-School Bodhi Fest, Inter-Class activities, and Inter-House academic, sports and co-curricular competitions,. I'm confident that our students will continue to shine, and that we'll see even more growth and progress in the coming months.

Summer vacation is a time for relaxation and rejuvenation, but it is also an opportunity to continue learning and growing. I encourage you to take advantage of this time to explore your interests, try new things, and continue to develop your skills and knowledge. Whether it is through reading, taking an online course, or volunteering in your community, there are endless opportunities for personal growth and development.

Lastly, I wish you all a safe and enjoyable summer vacation. Take this time to rest, spend time with loved ones, and recharge your batteries for the upcoming session. I look forward to seeing you all again soon, and I am excited for all that we will accomplish together.

Best wishes,


Mrs Nitu Bothra

From the Primary School Principal's Desk

Collaboration: The Key to Success in Today's World

In today's world, collaboration has become an essential ingredient in achieving success. In almost every industry, teams of professionals are working together to solve complex problems, create innovative solutions, and achieve ambitious goals. Whether you're a business leader, a scientist, an artist, or an educator, the ability to collaborate effectively is crucial.

What is Collaboration?

Collaboration is the process of working together with others to achieve a common goal. It involves pooling resources, skills, knowledge, and ideas to create something that no individual could create alone. Collaboration is not simply about dividing tasks or working in parallel; it requires communication, cooperation, and a shared sense of purpose.

Why is Collaboration Important?

Collaboration is important for several reasons. First, it enables individuals to combine their unique skills and knowledge to create something greater than the sum of its parts. When people collaborate, they can bring diverse perspectives and approaches to a problem, which can lead to more innovative solutions.

Second, collaboration fosters a sense of community and shared ownership. When people work together on a project, they develop a sense of pride and investment in the outcome. This can lead to a stronger sense of teamwork and a greater commitment to achieving the goal.

Third, collaboration can lead to better outcomes. When people collaborate, they can avoid the pitfalls of individual bias or blind spots. They can also share the workload, which can help prevent burnout and increase productivity.

How to Collaborate Effectively

Collaboration is not always easy. It requires individuals to put aside their egos, communicate openly and honestly, and be willing to compromise. Here are some tips for collaborating effectively:

Clearly define the goal: It's important to start with a clear understanding of what you're trying to achieve. Make sure everyone on the team has a shared sense of purpose.

Communicate openly and honestly: Good communication is essential for collaboration. Make sure everyone on the team has a chance to voice their opinions and ideas.

Set clear expectations: Define the roles and responsibilities of each team member. Make sure everyone understands what they are responsible for and what is expected of them.

Build trust: Trust is essential for effective collaboration. It's important to establish trust among team members by being reliable, accountable, and respectful.

Be willing to compromise: Collaboration often requires compromise. Be open to different perspectives and be willing to make changes to achieve the goal.


Collaboration is essential for success in today's world. By pooling resources, skills, knowledge, and ideas, individuals can create something greater than the sum of its parts. Effective collaboration requires good communication, clear expectations, trust, and a willingness to compromise. When done well, collaboration can lead to better outcomes, a stronger sense of community, and a greater sense of fulfillment.


Manya Jain

Primary School Principal


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Mr. Gautam Johri has over 17 years of professional experience and has spent the last 7 years building a high-tech product in Decision Intelligence. With the upcoming AI applications, students must harness the power of these technologies, yet be cautious about their perils.

Mr. Yogesh Moondra (ACMA, CFA, CA, MBA)

Managing Director – Shakun Motors Private Limited (Volkswagen Dealership and TVS Motors Dealership)

Director – Shakun Properties Private Limited (Hotel Zone by The Park)

Mr. Yogesh Moondra, a social entrepreneur and a proud Bodhian Parent shared his words of wisdom with the children during the Guest Speaker Series last week. His stories of seeking the right opportunity, working smartly to achieve the goals once set, etc. were all inspirational to the children. He also aspired the children with thoughtful tips for becoming a successful businessman.

𝑩𝑶𝑫𝑯𝑰'𝒔 𝑲𝒏𝒐𝒘𝒍𝒆𝒅𝒈𝒆 𝑬𝒙𝒄𝒉𝒂𝒏𝒈𝒆 𝑺𝒆𝒓𝒊𝒆𝒔 𝒘𝒊𝒕𝒉 𝑫𝒓 𝑲𝒊𝒓𝒕𝒊 𝑲𝒖𝒎𝒂𝒓 𝑹𝒂𝒕𝒉𝒐𝒅

Dr. Kirti Kumar Rathod (MBBS, MS, M. Ch, MRCS, MSc Master of Science in Global Child Health)

1. Asst. Professor, Paediatric Surgery, AIIMS Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India. 2.Faculty Department of Medical Educational Technology, AIIMS Jodhpur India. 3. Ph.D. Supervisor Paediatric Surgery AIIMS Jodhpur

4. Editorial Secretary - Journal of Indian Association of Pediatric Surgeons

Dr Kirti Kumar Rathod interacted with the students by sharing the details of his career choices and how he chose to become a Peadiatric Surgeon. The life changing challenges a surgeon faces, the risks a surgeon takes, the decisions a surgeon makes in the split of a second, the fun and travelling a surgeon partake - all the sides of a surgeons life was shown to the students.

Children enjoyed the session thoroughly that they had many doubts about his routine.

Bodhi Family salutes the real heros of our society - Doctors. Without them, we can't imagine about our existence.

Mindler Session by Mr Abhishek Gulati


The Inter-house TedEd was conducted for grades 6-12 on 21st April 2023. Two participants from each of the four houses, from the middle and senior schools, represented their houses in the event. The participants prepared for the talk with great enthusiasm and support from their House Teachers and the English Department for a range of topics such as ‘Emotions Unmasked: Navigating the Wild Ride of the Human Experience’, ‘Social Media: The Dangerous Dictator’, ‘Decrypting Cryptocurrency’, ‘What came first: the chicken or the egg?’, ‘Confidence counts the most’, ‘Namaste’, ‘Not knowing is okay’, Retelling the story: History or Mythology’, and ‘Elevator: The Magical Metal Machine’. The talks delivered by the students were not just a presentation of good content, but an experience that took the audience through emotions, humor, and reflection, as they were captivated by the passionate speakers.

The event was graced by honored judges, Ms. Madhulika Siddiqui, principal of Modern Central Academy, Jodhpur, and Dr. Chitralekha, faculty at Economics Department St. Patrick School, Jodhpur. Jahanvi Talukdar from Agastya House stood as the winner from the senior wing. The second position was awarded to Jayani Singh of Aryabhatta House. The third position was grabbed by Chitrangana Singh from Drona House. In the middle wing, Ayana Ved from Drona House stood as the winner of the event. Navya Mundhra from Aryabhatta House was announced as the second winner. The third position was secured by Ritwik Banerjee.


One of the key components of The International Award for Young People (IAYP) program is an adventure trip involving an expedition that allows participants to explore their physical and mental boundaries and develop their leadership,

teamwork, and problem-solving skills. Bodhians went to Jawai, an open animal reserve area for two days of expedition and learning.

अंतर्सदनीय हिंदी वाद-विवाद प्रतियोगिता

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Grade Wise Assembly

Grade 6A

Consumer rights protect us from unscrupulous businesses that seek to exploit us for profit.

Students of Grade 6A presented a street play that depicted the story of three consumers who were cheated by a dishonest business. The play also inspired us to be informed, vigilant, and assertive. The dance, in the end, was energetic enough to make the audience groove.

Grade 6B

The assembly by Grade 6B was conducted on the theme Earth Day, which is celebrated on 22 April every year. It highlighted the need to bring in changes in our day to day life to ensure that our future generations have a healthy planet to live in. A quiz was conducted where the audience participated enthusiastically.

The Assembly ended with a dance and song based on the theme.

Grade 7A

Intra Class Activities

Various Intra-class competitions happened on the 8th of May. Moot Court, Poster designing, Science Quiz, Math treasure hunt, and French quiz were the areas of engagement.



Baisakhi Celebration

Seedlings kids were dressed in colorful clothes.It was their first Event celebration at school. They made a craft and enjoyed dance on the beats of dhol bhangra.

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During the Unit 'Who we are' kids have observed germs through microscope and have learnt about the importance of hand wash.They were excited during the session, and they have learnt that there are many things in environment which cannot be seen through naked eyes.

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Baisakhi Celebration

Buds students participated in Baisakhi celebrations to deepen their awareness of the harvest festival. They engaged in a variety of activities, including a storytime, a dhol Bhangra, and a craft project.

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Earth Day

Buds' students left with many perspectives on how to make our planet happy and beautiful. They have pledged to maintain a clean environment, dispose of trash properly (in trash cans rather than on the ground or in parks), and not waste food or water. They desire a lush, blooming earth.

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The primary colors are the three colors that cannot be created by mixing any other colors together. These three colors are red, blue, and yellow. From these three primary colors, all other colors can be created by mixing them in different proportions. Learners of Buds integrated number 3 with three primary colours. They used the materials provided very skillfully and did there task independently.


Baisakhi Celebration

To make our children aware of the spring harvest festival in all its essence, our kids made a corn craft using sticking and pasting activity.

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Earth Day

Students of Blossoms came up with different ideas to make our mother Earth happy and the same was reflected on badges that they had created using the paper tearing and pasting activity.

My Favourite Person

Under the Transdisciplinary theme “WHO WE ARE” students are exploring the relationships around them and to further enhance their speaking skills the students spoke about their favourite person.


Earth Day

Earth Day is a day dedicated to the celebration of our planet and the importance of protecting and preserving its natural resources.

On this day, We encouraged our young bodhians to take action against climate change, and deforestation and be more mindful of their impact on the environment.

Learners of grade 1 planted trees and learned about taking small steps to save the planet. Learners were excited about saving our planet and they were inspired by the same. They also understood the consequences of cutting down trees and promised to grow more trees and take responsibility for their actions.

Show and Tell

Show and Tell Activity was organized under the unit Sharing the planet to strengthen the verbal skills and to foster public speaking competency of the young minds.

It helped them to build their self-confidence and self-esteem. It enabled them to improve their descriptive skills by communicating feelings, thoughts and emotions with words.

It goes without saying that students involvement in individual activity infuse in them originality, self-confidence & self-reliance. It was an interesting and a thrilling experience for the kids sharing their feelings with peer which provided fun and comfortable learning arena for everyone involved.


Rangoli Patterns

Rangoli is an ancient cultural tradition and decorative art of India. During festivals it depicts the beautiful Indian culture.

Keeping this thought in mind, grade 2 students presented their creative skills by making beautiful rangoli designs using different patterns, which was integrated with Math under the Transdisciplinary Theme- Who We Are.

Mosaic Art

This art form involves using small pieces of coloured paper to create a large image, typically a pattern or design.

Students were tasked with creating a paper mosaic of the initials of their names. This allowed them to explore different shapes and patterns as they worked to fill in the letters with different colours and textures. They have learned to create something unique and personalized. This mosaic art help students to develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.


Earth Day

Earth day is celebrated to spread awareness and take action related to protecting and preserving our environment.

With respect to their current unit of inquiry related to biodiversity, learners found out about different ,unique and beautiful animals that have become endangered due to the loss of their habitat and decided to save trees by starting a drive where they made recycle boxes to collect papers which can be reused later. Students went from class to class to promote this initiative.

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Material Noun Hunt

It is very important to involve our surroundings to connect with our learning. Learners went on a hunt to collect different objects to understand different materials and presented the same in class.

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Power of Observation

Learners stepped out to observe the flora and fauna around them and shared the same with class . While learning about different biomes and their animal adaptation , students explored library books to observe different animal adaptations and recorded their ‘I wonder’ question.

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World Earth Day Engagement

Earth day is the day of celebration and making promises to make it a happier, healthier and greener planet for generations to come. Students wrote their oath and promise and prepared an engagement for the same.

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Games field

Students were engaged in discovering traditional games on t6he games field.

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Flash Cards Formation

Students prepared attractive flash cards based on punctuation marks.

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Diary Writing

“Writing is the best way to talk without being interrupted” Students engaged themselves in Diary writing engagement.


Earth Day

Earth Day is celebrated to honor our earth and create awareness of the need to protect them. Due to many issues like pollution, global warming, and deforestation, our earth is suffering.Grade 5 students made Earth day booklets to research upon some interesting facts about earth as well to reflect upon the measures to save our Earth.

Nukkad Natak

Grade 5 students presented a Nukkad-natak,Titled-”jago ghrahak jago'' on 24th April at Ashok Udhyan to raise their voice against food adulteration and making consumers aware about their Rights and responsibilities.

This enactment was an extended learning for our students as it was connected to their transdisciplinary theme-’How we Organize Ourselves” and made connections with the Central Idea-’Economic activity relies on systems of production,exchange and consumption of Goods and services.It also enhanced their Hindi -communication skills.

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Making Advertisements

This activity was conducted to develop the skills of Persuasive-writing among the learners.

They created advertisements and pamphlets for the product they wanted to sell. This was also the transdisciplinary approach ,integrating two subject concepts of UOI AND ENGLISH.

Visit to Chemistry lab for observations

Grade5 learners visited the chemistry lab and observed solubility of different solutes in water and jotted down their inferences in the observation sheet.

Learners also observed different chemical changes and inquired about what are reactants and what are products in chemical reaction.

Labour day Special Assembly

Grade5 students showcased a special assembly on Labour day in order to honor and show gratitude to our school workers,didis and bhaiyas .

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APP LAB in the classroom

“It is in our nature to explore, to reach out into the unknown. The only true failure would be not to explore at all.”

- Ernest Shackleton

App Lab is a programming environment where you can make simple apps. Design an app, code in JavaScript with either blocks or text, then share your app in seconds. App Lab has made the coding of the app much easier.

Learners at Bodhi International School learned fine details about the App Lab coding and explored its various parameters by creating unique projects. They learned how to create an app and add their own creative style to designing the app. Learners also coded many apps after designing them in a unique way. Coding is an interactive and interesting way to develop and enhance critical and creative thinking skills. A few major highlighted projects created by Middle School learners are:

Instagram App

Reminder App

Login Credential App

Quiz App

Command in Coding?

A COMMAND is an instruction given to someone to perform some action.

  • Whenever we write a code, we are telling the computer to do some Action.

  • The instructions in the code that we write for the computer to complete the actions are commands.

5 Reasons for Using App Lab in Classroom Coding.

  1. Rapid prototyping

  2. Block to text

  3. Building an Interactive Platform

  4. Lightweight database capability

  5. Shareability

Detailed explanation:

Happy Learning always!!


Grade 7

Grade 7 students presenting their English Poems.

The students were influenced by the poems of Tu Fu, the Great Chinese poet.

Tu Fu (712-770) was a great Chinese poet of the T'ang dynasty. He is known as a poet-historian for his portrayal of the social and political disorders of his time and is also noted for his artistry and craftsmanship.

Grade 9 - IC Journal Making

The English Department at BIS recognizes the crucial role that effective self-expression plays in personal and academic development. With this in mind, they organized an IntraClass Journal Making Competition for 9th-grade students. This competition aimed to encourage students to hone their writing skills and develop their creative expression. The learners had carefully chosen a theme and procured necessary materials well in advance of the competition. During the event, they were allocated an A3 sheet and given 40 minutes to create their journals.

By participating in this event, students had the opportunity to showcase their unique perspectives and ideas through the medium of journaling. Overall, the endeavor to cultivate a culture of creative self-expression among their students was effectively accomplished.

The journals were evaluated based on the students' use of language, originality, and creativity. The students' journals reflected their unique perspectives and showcased their impressive writing abilities.

The competition was a close call, but in the end, three students emerged as winners. The first prize was awarded to Palak Singhvi for her exceptional journal that showcased her creativity and originality. The second prize went to Charu Somani whose journal stood out for its engaging language and depth of thought. The third prize was awarded to Deepak Solanki whose journal impressed the judges with its unique perspective and strong writing skills.


Every diligent student around the world is encouraged by their teachers to read the newspaper daily, to reap wide-ranging benefits. The newspaper has accurate, detailed coverage of everything, ranging from current affairs, politics, science and technology, sports, education, health, medicine, industry, and the markets. In addition to increasing knowledge, reading the newspaper daily enhances the vocabulary of the students. Over time, this manifests itself in better reading, writing, and oratory skill sets.

To help children be abreast of the key developments across the world and proficient in language skills, BIS introduced newspaper reading in classrooms. Grade 10 FLE students read the article ‘Why Read Magazines’ in The Hindu – School Edition and drafted advertisements to highlight the benefits of reading magazines using persuasive devices. They were given 30 seconds to present their advertisements in class.


For the essay paper, AS Level students are required to be thorough with their knowledge of the world and its relevance in modern times. Group discussion is a very effective tool in the classroom to get an idea about the level of understanding of a particular topic among students. In a 40-minute lesson, the first 20 minutes are dedicated to lecturing and imparting knowledge on a topic. The last 12-15 minutes are dedicated to a GD or a debate session where students come up with their knowledge and understanding of the topic along with relevant examples. The feedback is provided to students in the last 5 minutes. Such student-centric sessions arouse the interest of students and enhance their perspective on the subject. This way, they are able to write cogent essays for their board exams.

Grade 11 students participated in a Group Discussion on ‘The Role of History in Modern Society’ and presented their views.



Storytelling brings language learning alive and creates a participatory and immersive experience that allows young learners to enjoy hearing the language in a dynamic, sometimes stylistic, and entertaining way. Participation using key vocabulary and phrases can create an awareness of rhythm and structure.

An Intra Class competition was aimed to encourage and expand innovative and creative thinking among the students by offering them the opportunity to express their unique thoughts while writing their story first followed by narrating their piece of writing. Story writing is an art that requires a lot of communication skills. To begin with, it requires the art of narrating things in an interesting way.

In order to write their short story, they went through a series of steps: Prewriting, Drafting, and Revision. Each of these steps helped them build upon each other to lead to their final short story. The class was divided into groups to brainstorm and sketch a plan to create a story in a group within 15 minutes of duration.



The importance of public speaking is clear, and research has even shown that kids who speak confidently and communicate effectively perform better academically. The major goal of teaching speaking skills is communicative efficiency. Language learners become confident by using their current proficiency. They are motivated to avoid confusion in the message because of faulty pronunciation, grammar, or vocabulary.

ALS is a component of the Subject Enrichment Activity under Internal Assessment by the board.

Parameters for Assessment: The speaking skills are to be assessed on the following parameters:

a. Interactive competence (Initiation & turn to take, relevance to the topic)

b. Fluency (cohesion, coherence, and speed of delivery)

c. Pronunciation

d. Language (grammar and vocabulary)


Amalgamation of Creativity with Learning

The Humanities department at Bodhi International School holds a unique position within the academic as well as co-curricular field. Our middle and high school scholars enjoy various art-integrated assignments during their regular class sessions. The month of April was bustling with art/social studies projects related to environmental awareness, mental/ physical health, and emotional bonding. Our facilitator introduced the concept of poster designing to the learners and encouraged them to create their own posters depicting their own themes and presenting their themes to the class. The intent was to encourage our students to design a poster with a subject matter that was meaningful for them personally and important towards generating social awareness. The presentation of individual topics selected by each child enhanced public speaking skills, and research skills and boosted self-confidence.

From the club corner

The Art and Social Science club meets on every day 6 of the cycle. The purpose of both these clubs is to encourage and enhance team-building skills. Our club sessions for the month of April focused on artwork to be displayed in the school. While working on these artistic projects, our learners were simultaneously engaged in preparing for an environmental quiz contest.

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Inter-School Competition

Rotary Club of Jodhpur Garima organised an inter-school competition for grades 10-12 students in honor of Thalassemia week (30th April to 5th May). Art and Design students participated in this event. Students were given a week’s time to conduct their research and create a poster on the theme ‘ Stop Thalassemia’. Our participants, Yeshaya Choudhary, Nupur Gandhi, Chitrangana Rathore, and Kanak Soni represented our institution and presented their outlook and posters to a panel of judges and other participants at Rotary Bhawan on the 1st of May. It was a great moment of pride for our school and department when Nupur Gandhi secured 2nd position in this competition. Our remaining three participants were effortlessly confident and presented their poster design in a professional manner. We appreciate and applaud the hard work and efforts of each one of our participants.

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Kanak Soni - Grade 12 CAIE
Big picture
Yeshaya Choudhary - Grade 10 CAIE
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Chitrangana Singh Rathore - Grade 11 CAIE
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Nupur Gandhi - Grade 11 CAIE

Contribution to our community

Bodhi International School believes in contributing towards the community. The department of Fine Arts collaborated with JITO group for interior and exterior art installations at the JITO office located in Sardarpura, Jodhpur. Our art facilitator conducted a site visit, inspected the site and gave recommendations for art installation projects to beautify the office and exterior space. The JITO committee members visited our facility and selected 10 artworks created by our students to enhance their office space. We look forward to a continuation of our association with the JITO community.


Science Club Activity

“We live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology, in which hardly anyone knows anything about science and technology.” – Carl Sagan

Post the initial meet and greet between the teachers and learners, The Science Club in their first club period prepared the members for the Science Quiz. For the Discovery and Invention round, the Science Club members have been focusing on the history of science, the discoveries, and inventions that have shaped the world we live in today. They have been studying the work of famous scientists such as Galileo, Newton, and Einstein, as well as learning about lesser-known scientists who have made important contributions to science. They have also been researching significant scientific discoveries and inventions, such as the discovery of the structure of DNA by Watson and Crick, the invention of the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell, and the discovery of the laws of thermodynamics by Carnot and Clausius.

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Eco-sapling (Grade 7- Intra-class Activity)

"The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit."

- Nelson Henderson

We strongly believe that planting trees is important to our community and environment so an intra-class eco-sapling activity was conducted for Grade 7 students.

All the participants brought their saplings along with representation. Students delivered their message regarding the importance, uses, and benefits of their saplings through powerful presentations.

After the representation, students proceeded to the garden for the sapling planting activity. There were almost 30 saplings planted of different varieties.

It was a successful activity. Through the activity, the students learned that they can make a significant impact on the environment by planting more saplings, and it was a great experience for them to come together and work towards a common goal.

Starch Test in Leaves (Grade 8)

Grade 8 students enhanced the understanding of the process of photosynthesis by testing the presence of starch in leaves. The laboratory experience helped in students’ intellectual development as they tested and experimented the theoretical concepts and facts.


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French Quiz Activity

BIS Department of French recently organized a French quiz activity for all students enrolled in French classes, which was held on Day 6 and proved to be a remarkable success.

The quiz encompassed a wide array of topics related to the French language and culture, including grammar, vocabulary, literature, history, and geography. The questions were thoughtfully designed to test the student's knowledge and inspire them to think critically about the language and its traditions.

We were delighted to see such an enthusiastic response from our students towards this quiz, and we congratulate them for their active participation and exceptional performance.

We are proud to offer our students such opportunities that not only help them expand their knowledge but also foster a love for the language and its rich culture. We look forward to more such enriching intra-class activities in the future.

Interactive Notebooks and Reflection

Students were instructed to create and maintain interactive notebooks to accompany their study of the French language and culture. The interactive notebooks were designed to be a fun and engaging way for students to record their learning and explore the topics covered in class in greater depth. Students were encouraged to personalize their notebooks with drawings, diagrams, and other creative elements, and were given the freedom to choose the format and layout that best suited their learning style. We are proud and elated to report that the initiative was a great success and that the interactive notebooks and reflections received from our students were of exceptional quality.

Big picture
Big picture

Writing Sentences on Board and Photographic Memory

BIS Department of French conducted two exciting activities to further enhance the learning experience for our students. The first activity entailed a writing exercise in which students were asked to write their own sentences on the blackboard, and the second activity was a photographic memory exercise to learn new words. The photographic memory exercise was a fun and engaging way for students to learn new words in French.

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Decorating French Classroom Boards

The French department recently launched an initiative to encourage students to express their creativity and love for the French language and culture. As part of this initiative, students were asked to decorate the soft boards in their classrooms with artwork, photographs, and other creative elements.

The aim of this initiative was to create a more engaging and visually appealing learning environment and to foster a greater appreciation for the French language and culture among our students. Students were given free rein to decorate their boards in whatever way they felt best represented their interests and ideas and were encouraged to collaborate and share their work.



Math Club Activity

During our first Math Club meeting, learners were exposed to the making of 2D projects. Learners were guided to make 2D projects with the help of DIY videos and instructions from the facilitators.

Guess the Topic

During the second Math Club meeting, Learners were divided into teams of two. One learner will pick the chit and illustrate the topic by stating its properties or describing the concepts. In order to win the learners had to guess it correctly with the help of a maximum of 3 points.

Math is subject that most learners begin to fear as they grow up. In order to do away from such phobias, it is paramount that we intrigue young minds and make the subject interesting for them despite them finding it challenging.


Commerce Department Insights

As the leading department responsible for the promotion and development of commerce within our organization, we are excited to bring you a wealth of knowledge, analysis, and updates from the world of commerce.

Learners of Grade 9 were welcomed with full cheer to enhance their knowledge and skill set with Economics, Accounts, and Business as their core subjects.

Class Activity - The newspaper report analysis activity showcased students' impressive performance in comprehending, analysing, and presenting information related to the commerce sector done by Grade 10 IGCSE Economics Students.

The activity aimed to develop critical thinking skills, enhance research abilities, and improve comprehension of current affairs within the commerce sector.

Big picture

This report provides an overview of the activity, highlights the performance outcomes, and offers recommendations for further improvement.

Learners were engaged in peer assessments and group activities for learning the concepts of Opportunity Costs, Business Activities, Macroeconomic Concepts, and Aims. Learners aim to study these with the help of Case-lets and in-depth Case Studies, one such case was given to them for studying the Cost of College, wherein the learners studied data and in groups calculated the answers to the questions asked. Later on, they present their findings to the entire class.

Learners found the activity to be engaging and thought-provoking, providing valuable insights into the concept of opportunity cost and its practical application.

The information provided was comprehensive and relevant, allowing participants to analyse the given options and evaluate their associated opportunity costs effectively.

Big picture

The detailed and commendable activity structure encouraged active participation and collaboration. The opportunity for group discussions and brainstorming sessions fostered an interactive learning environment, allowing participants to exchange ideas and perspectives. This collaborative approach not only enhanced the learning experience but also promoted teamwork and communication skills.


Conducting a newspaper report analysis activity for commerce club students as a group activity sounds like a great way to enhance their critical thinking and analytical skills. Analysing newspaper reports can help students develop their ability to understand and interpret current events, economic trends, and business-related news. It also provides an opportunity for students to apply their commerce knowledge in a real-world context.

Learners worked in groups across different grades and age groups in order to familiarise themselves with the current happenings in the Commerce world, be it related to Business Studies, Economics, or Accounting.


Students discussed about barter system and give their views

Barter System Views

Students discussed the barter system and their views on the barter system.

In this activity students were divided into groups. Each group has four members.

They all have shared their views related to the barter system and advantages and disadvantages of the Barter system.

The barter system is an economic system where goods or services are exchanged directly for other goods or services, without the use of money. It was used extensively in the past before the invention of currency and is still used in some parts of the world today.

In conclusion students added :- The barter system has both advantages and disadvantages and its relevance in today's world depends on the specific context and circumstances.

Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey of exploration and discovery. We hope that Commerce Department Insights becomes an essential resource that empowers you to thrive in the dynamic world of commerce.

Wishing you an insightful and productive reading experience!


BUT BEFORE THAT, LETS HEAR IT FROM OUR STUDENT OF GRADE 12 who recently attended the Young Entrepreneurship Bootcamp at BITS Pilani, Goa campus.

Recently, I had the opportunity of attending the Young Entrepreneurship Bootcamp at BITS Pilani, Goa campus and it was a truly enriching experience. I had the pleasure of meeting some brilliant entrepreneurs including Akarsh Shroff, Akash Singh, Amit Vasishta, Akhil Singh, Harish Uthayakumar and Karan Bajaj who provided a wealth of insights and knowledge about entrepreneurship. Their stories revealed that success is not just about hard work but also involves creativity, risk-taking and resilience.

The bootcamp provided an excellent opportunity to network with fellow students who share similar goals of venturing into entrepreneurship. The discussions we had about different business ideas and strategies were both fascinating and informative, and I made some great connections with like-minded individuals. I am grateful to Professor Mridula Goel for organizing this wonderful event and bringing together such a diverse and inspiring group of entrepreneurs.

Overall, YEB was a phenomenal experience that I would recommend to anyone interested in entrepreneurship. I'm grateful for the opportunity and excited to see where this journey takes me.

Gunjan Mehbubani

Grade 12

Aditi Jain, Head Girl 2022-23

Last Day

Last day is here,

yet it doesn’t feel real

It feels that it was just yesterday,

when we met on the school day.

Not many shed the tears,

But we all remember the memories of past 8 years.

“Who all are coming tomorrow”

was the default dialogue,

I wish I could continue it,

but everyone needs to sail their ship.

Last time to wear school dress

Last time to be called as students

Last time to be together as a class

Last time to remember the fun time with teachers,

the anxiety before exams,

the way we cried to get a free period,

the shouts when our marks were disclosed,

the laughter in dining hall,

the silence during meditation,

the prayers we did with dedication

and our expressions during expeditions!

It was fun… the laughter, the mess, the memories and the punishments;

the work, the pleading, the calling and the submissions;

the talk, the teasing, the fights and the reconciliations.

Let’s meet sometime,

when we have opportunity,

to reminisce the school chime,

and our insanity.

- Aditi Jain

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