E.G. Kinsey, Attorney-At-Law

I'm all in to help you win!

Experience Matters!

With over a year of experience, the firm of E.G. Kinsey can provide an outstanding legal team able to successfully represent our clients in the courtroom and at the negotiating table.

Have you been wrongfully injured? As a plaintiff, our lawyers will help you file your lawsuit in court. After meeting with one of our lawyers, we will review your case and initiate the lawsuit by filing a complaint in the appropriate court.

Has a lawsuit been filed against you? As a defendant, our lawyers will help you prepare your defense.

Even if you have only received a summons to appear in court, our team will accompany you to court and advise you through every step in the process.

We understand that the legal system can be intimidating and confusing, but we are here to help you achieve the best possible result no matter your situation!

Once you have hired E.G. Kinsey, here's what you should expect during a civil court case:

The trial process

When two parties are unable to settle, the case will to trial. This is what you should expect during the trial proceedings. Your case may be presented to a jury of 6 to 12 people or the judge may hear it alone. After both sides have presented their evidence, the jury or judge will determine which side has preponderance of evidence. This means that the evidence for that side is more convincing than than the evidence presented by the opposition. The jury will decide which party has preponderance of evidence and return a verdict in its favor. The verdict is the decision of the court.

If you are dissatisfied with the verdict, our lawyers will help you file an appeal if you are eligible to do so. An appeal is a written request to a higher court to reverse of modify the decision of a lower court.

Let E.G. Kinsey help you find justice!

**Note: this is a brochure for a fictional law firm.