Animal & Plant Cells

Their Differences and Similarities

Animal Cell

An animal cell has a lot of different things that help the animal survive. Like ribosomes, they are very small but they act as factories to produce protein for the animal. In the center of animal cell is the nucleus. The nucleus is the brain of the cell. The outermost element of the animal cell is called the cell membrane. The cell membrane creates a barrier between the cytoplasm and the environment outside the cell. Cytoplasm is a gel-like fluid in which many organelles are found. Mitochondria are rod-shaped organelles that produce the cell's energy.

Plant Cell

As well as the animal cell the plant cell also has a lot of different things to help it survive such as...The vacuole which is the place that the cell stores its food, water, and waste products. As well as the chloroplasts that produces food from sunlight and makes the plant's leaves green. The outermost element of the plant cell is the cell wall, which protects and supports the cell and is made of cellulose.

Similarities and Differences