Marquis De Lafayette

The American Revolution could not have been won without him!

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Marquis DE Lafayette is a huge part of the war that was done on american soil against the British. After reading my flyer, I want people to know the answer to one question... "what did Marquis do for america, our freedom and for our army. Maybe he wasn't from america, but in my book what he did for this country makes him a american


Marquis was born in September, 1757. The day he was born was never found. His parents both died when he was very young, leaving him very rich.

Marquis's first trip to america

The first Lafayette went to america was for a dinner in 1775. The Duke Of Bloucester invited people to come and talk about the stuggling colonies
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Lafayette helped in the revolution before Valley Forge

He landed in Charleston in 1777. He brought some French soldiers to help with battle. When he got to Charleston the city took him in with no retaliation.
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George Washington

During the american revolution, George Washington had lots of problems during there stay at valley forge. George started to ask for help with the illness and the shortage of food. They were struggling very much.
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Valley Forge

When Marquis heard about the problems that George Washington and the troops were having he wanted to help. he brought lots of supplies and trained the army so that they could win the American Revolution.
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Marquis Lafayette's Death

Marquis had done so much for the American Revolution that whenever he died I am positive that he had no regrets. Some people could say that he created a nation.. His name will never be forgotten. Marquis died somewhere around 1834. Date and month of his death could not be recovered
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