Rowe & Dunn

5th Grade


Wednesday: Science STAAR Benchmark

Lunch Menu:

Monday: Chicken Tenders w/ Roll Grilled Cheese Popcorn Chicken w/ Roll Mashed Potatoes Fruit & Salad Bar

Tuesday: Chicken Nuggets w/ Roll Homemade Cheese Pizza Homemade Pepperoni Pizza Potato Wedges Fruit & Salad Bar

Wednesday: Turkey & Cheese Sub Cheese Enchiladas Baked Chicken Sandwich Refried Beans Fruit & Salad Bar

Thursday: Chicken Tostada w/ Spanish Rice Ham & Cheese Sandwich Chicken Fried Steak Sandwich Potato Wedges Fruit & Salad Bar

Friday: Chicken Fajita Wrap Crispy Brown Corn Dog Bean & Cheese Tostada Crispy Fries Fruit & Salad Bar


We will be reviewing Drama this week. We will also be working on our reading & comprehension strategies. Spelling & Vocabulary tests in Friday.


We will start reviewing this week. We will focus on multiplying and dividing decimals using models and algorithms and solving equations using order of operations. Students will have a quiz on Friday.


We will start Unit 10: Life Cycle. Students will learn about complete and incomplete metamorphosis. We will take Unit 9 and 10 content and vocabulary test on Friday.

Social Studies

Week #21: Changes in Industry and Transportation.