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January 2016

Information about this edition

We appreciate you taking the time to read CHS IB Insights. We will publish a new edition every month on the 18th of the month. This newsletter is thoughtfully put together by CHS IB Diploma Candidate Mark Muñoz. We want you to stay in the loop with all of the great things that our former, current and future IB students and faculty are doing. We know that 2016 will be a great year!

Registration Information

Now is the time to select classes for next school year!

Want more detailed information about our Advanced Academic options at CHS? Plan on attending our Advanced Academics presentation this Thursday evening, 1/21, starting at 6pm in the Chandler Center for the Arts.

Current sophomores who plan to take any IB courses, be an IB Diploma Candidate or an IB Career-Related Program Candidate need to complete a short online form at:

9th grade students and families: Interested in plotting out your 4-year academic plan? Click here to make a planning meeting with Mrs. Bender:

Here is a link to useful planning sheets:

  • 4-year academic plan
  • IB Diploma Program 2-year plan
  • IB Career-Related Program 2-year plan
  • IB Course candidate planner

Featured IB Wolves

IB Senior Diploma Candidate

The IB Diploma Student of the Month is Neil Stevens. The reason Neil wanted to join the IB Diploma Program was out of a desire to do his best in high school. For his CAS project Neil has decided to raise awareness and advertise for the Sierra Club's activities in the Rio Salado National Park. Neil values the IB Diploma Program because of the sense of accomplishment that you feel when you have finished a big project or any other IB related activity. Neil plans on attending ASU for mechanical or chemical engineering.

IB Career Related Program

Our first group of IB Career-Related Program candidates have begun to dig into the core elements of this program: the Approaches to Learning course, a Language Portfolio, Community Service and a Reflective Project. They are working as a group in their 7th hour Approaches to Learning Class to tackle all of these components. The current group of juniors are studying Engineering, Marketing, Agriculture and Computer Science as their CTE areas.

This month I spent some time with one of the IB Career-Related Program candidates, Sonal Cherian. Sonal is currently a junior at Chandler and is very excited to continue IB into his senior year. The reason Sonal wanted to be a part of the Career-Related Program was because he wanted to continue to take his engineering classes and still be in IB. He told me while the Diploma route has many benefits, he still wanted to get the best of both worlds with the CP program. Sonal loves IB because IB teaches you how to think and learn differently. Especially in engineering, you must know all kinds of ways to look at something in order to attain the right answer. He believes that the ability to master problem solving skills is needed in school and in real life, which is why Sonal values IB so much. Sonal a very prominent member of Model United Nations and Unified Rugby player.

Featured Class: IB Economics

This month’s highlighted course is IB Econ. Our IB Economics teacher is Mrs. Lisa Schwalger and she is ecstatic to share the awesomeness of IB Econ. IB Econ is offered as an SL course only and is a full year course for seniors. The class is a very user-friendly, hands-on class. The course studies why recessions happen, voting as an informed voter, and developing worldly thinking. The class consists of a manageable 11 unit plan and is entirely unique from AP. If you are interested go see Mrs. Schwalger in room 220. IB Economics is a great course for students planning on sudying business, wanting to round out a science or liberal arts major with an emphasis in business or economics, and students who want to position themselves to be able to understand their own finances and how the financial system works worldwide.

Meet a CHS IB Teacher

The IB Teacher of the Month is Mrs. Jacqueline Hartrick. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in math education through Arizona State University and her Master’s in math education through Northern Arizona University. She was propelled into the world of math education because she has always been good at math and enjoys the challenge of solving complex problems. It is that enjoyment that propelled to become an educator. She decided to become an IB teacher because of her enthusiasm for math and how the students were excited about learning. Being a part of the IB community has taught Miss Hartrick that the IB program helps students to achieve a well-rounded education. Students are required to take varied classes and integrate concepts into all aspects of their classes. As stated by IB: the program centers on learners, develops effective programs to teaching and learning, works with global context, and explores significant content. She has found, in math, that students need to comprehend math at all levels and should be able to apply what they know to various other topics as well. Overall all students have achieved success in this program.

MYP Information - 9th graders

Thursday, Feb. 4th, 10:30am

CHS Media Center

We will be hosting a presentation by ASU-Barrett Honors College during our monthly meeting on Thursday, February 4 during Lunch A. They will be presenting information about their Summer Scholars Program. Parents are encouraged to attend if your student is interested in applying for this program. Just check in as a visitor at the front office. Click here for detailed information about the Barrett Summer Scholars Program.

Volunteer Opportunities

All IB students are seeking ways to get involved in the community. We use an online program called ManageBac to track service activities in grades 9-12. The most important piece of tracking hours is the reflection piece. Students need to reflect on what they learned from the activity, what impact they had, what impact the activity had on them, etc. This reflection step is what really helps make the service activity a learning experience.

Here are some upcoming volunteer opportunities in the community:

CHS IB will be going to Feed My Starving Children on Friday, February 26; 3:30-5:30

Sign up at

IB Parent Booster Group Updates

CHS is fortunate to have a group of very dedicated IB parents! They work hard to support our IB students and teachers.

How do the boosters fundraise?

Continuing events:

- Weekly donut sales in the courtyard: every Wednesday before 1st hour

-"No Fundraiser Fundraiser": Help support their cause by donating to the booster group

-Test prep book sales: Do you have a test prep book that you're done with? Donate it to the IB Booster group! At every Booster meeting they offer the books for $5 each. What a bargain! Drop off books to Mrs. Bender's office.

IB Parent Boosters meet quarterly at 7:00pm in the CHS Media Center.

Next meeting: Tuesday, March 29