My Two Fantastic Field Trips

The field trips to Bakken and Povek museums by Eliza

Bakken Museum

The Bakken museum is on electricity and magnets. We did projects that had to do with different magnets. And we took a class learning about different scientist. After we got a gift bag with a nail a wire a battery a paper clip and a magnet. We also took magnets and put them by a TV and the TV stared getting colors and lines and circles.
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The Povek museum

We went to the Povek museum and it was on radio shows and electricity and sound. We had our own radio show with news reporters me Matthew , Mitchel and other kids and announcers were Charlie and Grace.We also did a game show were they asked you a question and the person who said it and pressed the button the fastest won. We also formed a circle and one person would touch the tip and everybody would get a shock. We also listened to records in a record player. we also played a instrument that used sound waves and they are only 500 of those in the world. We also watched a video on the sound wave instrument.
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