The Booming Economy of the 1920's

By: Lizzie Mcdonnell and Shelby Ferry

The Recession

At first the 1920's did not look promising when the decade started out with a recession from January 1920- July 1921. A recession is an economic downturn. This recession helped in a way, however, because after that the economy began a steady growth that lasted most of the rest of the decade.

Scientific Management

Scientific Management is hiring experts to study how goods could be produced more quickly. People were sitting down and trying to figure out how much money they would be making. They tried to lower costs and increase productivity and effectiveness.

Some of the key points of the economy in the 1920's:

Worker Relations

Businesses were trying to build better relations with workers. They were trying to treat them more fair. Many safety programs were set up within companies to lower the risk of death or serious injury on the job. Some even provided accident insurance. The buying of stock was also greatly encouraged. All of these steps being taken were called welfare capitalism.

Consumer Goods of the 1920's

Oscar Meyer Hot Dogs
-Rice Krispy Treats
-Kool aid
- Coca-Cola
-Kraft Cheese
- Wheaties
-Planters Peanuts-Hall Mark Greeting Cards


GNP is the gross national product or the total value of all final good and products sold in a year. It measures the value of the goods and services produced by all citizens for a certain area. GNP can tell you the quality of a country; a higher GNP means a higher quality life style.