Raider Tech Tidbits

September, 2016

Chrome Remote Desktop Tips

If you want to control your desktop computer from your Chromebook, you can do so.

On your Chromebook, Press the CRD icon.

Go to tthe "Remote Assistance" area on the top half of the screen.

Press Share, and then Share.

An access code will pop up.

On your desktop, Press the CRD icon.

In the Remote Assistance area, click on Access.

A box should pop up for you to enter the code that is on your Chromebook.

Once you enter that code, your desktop should begin sharing your Chromebook screen, and if you are projecting your desktop, it will project what is on your Chromebook.

Student Video Challenge

Digital Equity Student Video Challenge

During Indiana's Digital Citizenship Week, September 12-16, Michelle Green from the Indiana Department of eLearning shared information about this Video Contest regarding Digital Equity. This is a great opportunity to get kids creatively thinking and actively engaged with technology.


EDUblogs are an awesome, safe creation tool for students and classrooms of all ages. Powered by Wordpress, EDUblogs provide students with a platform for writing and designing without publishing to the World Wide Web. Blogging provides endless educational opportunities and possibilities for student growth; EDUblogs offers students and teachers free blogging and much more with internet security and privacy measures in place.


Geogebra is a free form of Geometer's Sketchpad. You can go to the Geogebra site and learn more at:

Student emails

Each Southwest Dubois student has his/her own gmail account. This allows you another method of communicating with your students, and provides an easy transition into implementing Google Classroom in your instruction.

The gmail account is the student's regular His or her password is the regular computer password.

Gmail works best when using the Chrome browser, so it is recommended that you operate within the Chrome browser whenever possible.

Group emails

You have some group emails already created for you in your gmail. They are as follows:




hbeteachers (teachers only)




Students (all SHS students) (all SMS students) (all Huntingburg Elementary students) (all Holland Elementary students) - Senior Class - Junior Class - Sophomore Class - Freshmen Class - 8th Grade Class - 7th Grade Class - 6th Grade Class - 5th Grade Class - 4th Grade Class - 3rd Grade Class - 2nd Grade Class - 1st Grade Class - Kindergarten Class - Preschool Class

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What website do you love?

What is working in your classroom?

How are you using Google Apps that others might, too?

Have you found an extension that has changed your life?

What is your favorite social media site for teaching tools and tips?

Email me! ( I will share your great finds with everyone!

We are all in this together.