New Born Screening Benefits

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A UNICEF study revealed that 7,000 newborns die every day globally, and more than 80% deaths occur due to treatable conditions. Therefore, a sign of good parenting is to allow doctors to perform certain screening tests on your baby. These will help detect potential diseases and medical conditions that could pose a threat to your child’s mental and physical health.

The best maternity hospital in Hyderabad ensures that all the necessary tests are conducted on time, without any discomfort to the baby, such that even the minutest problem can be identified. Take a look at the advantages of new born screenings.

Helps Detect Hearing Difficulties

Hearing impairment is one of the most common congenital diseases in new born babies. Parents are often under the misconception that if a baby can’t hear, it would be quite noticeable. Well, many children have been diagnosed with deafness when they were more than a year old. This is simply because the parents never realized their child couldn’t hear.

The brain development of a child depends on language stimulations and when they cannot hear, the process stagnates. Hearing loss is tested through AOAE and AABR tests. The newborn screening test price in Hyderabad is affordable and well worth it, so don’t think of avoiding it.

Identifies Heart Diseases

Heart diseases can range from mild to severe and often cause fatal symptoms. These complications require professional help within the first few days of birth. Some infants might even require open heart surgery. Babies affected with Critical Congenital Heart Diseases (CCHD) might look perfectly alright initially but eventually start showing critical symptoms.

A Pulse Oximetry test is administered to check the levels of oxygen in the baby’s blood, which helps identity any potential CCHD.

Helps Diagnose Cystic Fibriosis

The test for life threatening cystic fibriosis is performed within the first few days of birth. It is a proven fact that children who receive CF care at an early stage are healthier than those who receive delayed assistance. When diagnosed early, treatment can increase the lifespan of the child, improve overall growth, keep the lungs and other organs functional and healthy, and, lastly, cut down on hospital stays later on.

Identifies Metabolic Disorders

Metabolic disorder impacts the way the body breaks down food and absorbs nutrients. This can hamper the overall development of the baby, cause organ failure and even death. New born screening can help detect medical conditions related to this disorder. Early treatment at maternity hospitals in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, can help your baby lead a disease-free life.

Screening tests mark the beginning of healthy life of your baby. In case you have any genetic disorder, you must discuss it with your doctor prior to childbirth. Choose the best maternity hospital in Hyderabad to have your baby screened efficiently, under professional supervision.