Elijah of Buxton

By: Christopher Paul Curtis made by:Katelyn and Allison


The book that Katelyn and I read was Elijah of Buxton it is a historical fiction. The reason it is historical fiction because it is an event that happened in the past. But it has fake people.The main character was Elijah he was the first ever child to be born in Buxton. And he goes through journeys to put him danger but also sometimes save others. And if you read this you will learn how brave and kind and nice he is to people and him friends and family.

Meet the author... Christopher Paul Curtis!!

Christopher Paul Curtis wrote Elijah in 2007. He has written other book too. As in, bud not buddy, the Watson go to Birmingham and many others. We both think that he is an amazing author and we love his books. I bet you would like his books too.

Good or evil?

In this story, there are protagonist and antagonist which mean either your evil or good. There are definitely good people like Elijah and some people like the preacher that are good and evil. And if you read this book you will see the protagonist and an antagonist. Some traits for Elijah the protagonist, is fragile yet brave he is selfless, also supportive and he is understanding. Now for the preacher, the antagonist, dangerous, evil, sneaky, cruel, and he is selfish.


One quote is about how Elijah's mother and other people think of him. "Seems to me ain't no one over the age of five needs to be called a baby. Seems to me even the most fra-gilest child in the world wouldn't be called a baby once he's darn near 12 year old!" Page: 256.

The other one is about the situation that Elijah is put in when something happens: " Having a gun in your hand when you knowed your were gonna use it to shoot a human person made it feel a whole lot different." Page: 304

The plot

In this book I think the story plot in this story of the topic of hoop snakes and how the preacher told him horrible stuff about them and made Elijah very scared. And that is kind of the start of the preachers horribleness. Also, Mr. Leroy, a man who is trying to get money to free his family. But, when he got his money, something bad happened and he and Elijah take off for a journey of a life time.


One scene from the book is when Elijah is going fishing and the preacher is telling him that he would let him shoot his pistol if he got fish. So, the preacher was kind of using him. Another one is when the preacher brought Elijah the the carnival and the preacher does something bad. At the carnival Elijah sees someone he knows from school working for some carnival workers who are white. Later he sees him at school but for some reason is not happy. The boy is upset because apparently the Preacher went back later and took the boy away while threatening to shoot one of the members of the carnival up there nose. The next scene is when they had a confusing lesson at school. Before school started Cooter (Elijah's best friend) is trying to figure out what "Familiarity Breeds and Contempt" means. Elijah and Cooter try to unscramble it and come up with Family Breeding Contest!! Cooter learns it the hard way.

The Book Reveiw

Allison and I both really enjoyed this book. It had some sad parts and talked a lot about the times of slavery. We learned so much from it and it was very fascinating and taught us about what life was like back in that era.If we could give it 0-5 stars we would give it a 4.7 maybe even a 5.


I think the people who Katelyn and I would recommend this book to are the people who like historical fiction and reading about the times of slavery and its affects. And to show how the time era has changed from now and how it made us a better country.