Breakfast Guide for Teens

Wake up, lets make breakfast the new trend!

Importance of Breakfast

Instead of slugging around, why not start off your day with a good breakfast. A lot of people, especially teens don't realize that having something to eat in the morning could make a big difference. With breakfast being proven as being most important meal of the day, why miss it?

Teens skipping Breakfast

Teens lead busy lives, and between school, part time jobs, extracurricular activities and an active social life, they often don't take time to sit down for a morning meal

For many reasons like:

- Wanting to loose weight (Girls especially)

- Crunched for time

- Dislikes breakfast food/ Non enjoyable ingredients

Why Should Teens Eat Breakfast

As most have heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, that doesn't always stop a teen from skipping this meal. Not only can this lead to a rumbling tummy, it can also have a negative effect on your teens health, performance and well being. With the negatives being clear of not having breakfast here are some positives of breakfast and why this meal is so important:

All day ENERGY

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The morning meal is important in providing energy for everyday activities. Teens who do eat breakfast in morning also have better concentration during class, as it does improve school performance. The human body needs its proper vitamins, minerals and nutrients in order to function and perform to its fullest. Especially as teens are so active having a proper breakfast could be huge benefit.

Nutrient Balance

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Breakfast provides the perfect opportunity for teens to get nutrients they might otherwise miss throughout the day. Many breakfast foods are healthy sources of fiber, including oatmeal, whole grain toast and cereals. Orange juice provides vitamin C, while milk or yogurt gives teens a dose of calcuim and vitamin D.

Weight Control

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Many teens, especially girls are likely to skip breakfast as a relatively painless way to lose weight. Trouble is, it doesn't work as this particular method might actually backfire. However, a 2008 study found that teens who ate breakfast everyday had a lower BMI, and gained less weight over the five-year study than those who skipped their morning meal. The breakfast-eaters also tended to have a lower total intake of saturated far and a better diet overall.

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Did you hear about the new trend Breakfast, everyone's doing it!


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