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Introduction to Central Middle School

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Mr Payne CMS

General CMS Overview

Central Middle School is home to over 850 students in the 7th and 8th grades. All students at Central have access to engaging course selections, excellent student-centered staff members, and highly successful extra-curricular programs. At CMS, we know that all of our students have their own needs and experiences that define their academic story, and we work to meet these differences by offering different academic programs for our students to choose from. As you are making the choice to best meet your student's needs, you can review each overview of the program offerings at Central. You will also find links that will take to you to more specific information about our programs.

Central is home to the middle school component of the CSA K-12 program. Columbus Signature Academy (CSA) is a project-based program that provides authentic, intra-disciplinary projects, communication and collaboration development, and community service opportunities. Any student can apply to be part of this amazing program but space is limited. See more about the CSA program by clicking the "Find Out More About CSA" button below.

Some students are ready for a higher level of academic challenge and may find our Team Adventure a good fit. Students on Team Adventure will be exposed to high school level classes in math and science and to a rigorous curriculum in English and Social Studies.

This pathway will prepare students to succeed in higher-level course work in high school such as AP (Advanced Placement) courses. Students interested in being considered for Team Adventure should have a strong academic background and a desire to be challenged. Some students will be automatically offered a spot based on high ability testing, but students can still be considered for the program based on prior academic success and teacher recommendations. Learn more about Team Adventure below by clicking on the "Find Out More About Team Adventure" button.

Regardless of what team your child is on, they will have access to an amazing middle school journey and have access to high school courses. All students are able to participate in our sports teams, clubs, and academic team. We are excited to have you as part of the Charger family, and please contact us if you need more information to make the best decision for your child.


Mr. Payne

CMS Building Tour

Building Tours are a challenge right now given the restrictions within the building, but if you have never been inside of CMS before, you should check out the video below. This video was created in the Spring of 2020, and it provides a nice overview of the building as a whole.
Central Middle School Building Tour

Columbus Signature Academy-Central

Columbus Signature Academy or CSA is the project-based learning program at Central Middle School. CSA students learn the 7th and 8th-grade content standards through projects where they engage in the community, practice essential "soft skills," and problem-solve to address genuine and authentic scenarios.

Students on CSA come from all sorts of different backgrounds and elementary experiences. Students do need to apply to the program but once they are in CSA teachers work to develop all of the skills they need to be successful within the program and beyond.

Students on CSA are apart of Central Middle School and can participate in all of the offerings of Central Middle School.

Team Adventure

Team Adventure is the "High Ability" program at Central Middle School. Students in this program have access to advanced course offerings like Geometry and Biology in addition to the other High School course offerings at CMS like Algebra, Spanish, and French.

Team Adventure is also unique with the fact that students have the same teachers for their two years at Central Middle School. This allows students and teachers to form deeper relationships and can enrich the learning experiences.

This team is made up of students from all elementary schools and a student does not need to be in an "AC Program" in 6th grade to be a part of this team. Students in the AC Programs in 6th grade and those that are identified as high-ability based this spring's testing are automatically eligible for this team. Any student that has a strong academic background and desire to be challenged can request to be on this team. There is a form to complete and acceptance into the program will be determined based on a number of factors.

CMS Library

Mrs. Fee overviews the CMS Library and some of the items and events offered in the Media Center
CMS Library

Meet the Front Office Staff!