Ms. Cathy's Pre K Class News

Week of September 12-16

The Week in Review

What an amazing week of explorations and discoveries we had! Your children are much more aware of their five senses: sight, touch, smell, hearing and tasting. Some of the discoveries we made were that you don't just feel with your fingers but with your skin. That shaving cream is a marvelous thing to investigate. There were some unexpected discoveries of the properties of shaving cream that I had not anticipated but that is what being four and being in PreK are all about.

Bubbles have become a favorite outdoor time exploration. The children spent a lot of time blowing bubbles, chasing bubbles, catching bubbles, talking with one another about bubbles and mathematical words such as big, bigger, smaller, tiny, etc. were passed about among the children.

Some of our favorite books were:

Look! Look! Look! by Tana Hoban. Many of the children made their own pages copying the style of the book.

It Looked Like Spilt Milk by Charles Green Shaw. We took some time to look at all the big puffy white clouds in the sky above our school and on Monday we will paint some cloud like skies at the Art Center. Look for your child's cloudy sky in the Art Gallery on Tuesday or Wednesday.

The Importance of Family Photos

Our newest class member happened to notice her family photo in the Safe/Peace Place in our classroom. "Ms. Cathy, is that my mommy and daddy?!" "Yes,it is." I said. There was a big sigh and then she happily went around the classroom showing her family photo to her classmates who then in turn got their family photos and shared the names of their family members with one another. The perfect introduction to this week's topic: Friends and Families.
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Questions and Concerns

As the children adjust to the routine of the classroom and the long days at school, there may be instances where you have questions or concerns. Some helpful thoughts for you:

1. Weekends are full of family time and your child is typically the only 4 year old in your home. Coming back to school on Mondays might be hard for your child. You can help by talking with your child about what exciting things he/she thinks Ms. Cathy has planned for the day.

2. If your child is reluctant to come into the room, please know that I am standing by ready to help them separate from you and become engaged in the classroom. Over the past four weeks I have begun to know the children better and I am tuning into what their interests are and how I can quickly help them tell you good bye. Give your child a big hug and tell them you will see them very soon and that you can't wait to hear about what exciting news they will have to share at the end of the day.

3. If you have concerns, please know that it is very hard for me to spend time chatting with you at the beginning of the day. All of the children need to be greeted and welcomed into the room. If I am delayed in getting our day started I may miss the subtle signals your children may be displaying and we get a later start to our day. You are welcome to send me an email at any time and we can chat by phone or we can set up a conference for one morning before the other children arrive. Of course if it is a quick question and there isn't another child waiting to come into the room, I am happy to respond quickly.

4. As your child continues to become accustomed to our classroom routine and the boundaries established to create a loving and nurturing learning environment please know that there will be times when your child might forget a routine, test the limits of a boundary or make a choice that requires a natural and logical consequence. I never use time out as a consequence there is no learning taking place then. If something occurs that I believe you need to know about, then I will speak with you. Otherwise please know that your child and I handle most "mistaken behaviors" in the classroom with no need for your involvement.

Please remember that I am your child's second teacher. You were the first and are still the most important influence in your child's life.