The Masque of the Red Death Project

By Ryan Perez


The Masque of the Red death is a very creepy story that is based in the late 1800's made by the very own Edgar Allan Poe. The story is about an increasing epidemic called the Red death that is killing thousands all across the world. The Prince does not take it serious and gathers all of his favorite women and knights to settle in his huge castle. The Prince, Prospero decides to have a never ending party. 6 months pass in the beautiful castle and Prince Prospero decides to have a different type of party. He decides he wants to have a ball and everyone has to dress up and where mask. The party takes place in 7 rooms of the castle, all a different color. Blue, purple, green, orange, white, violet, and black. The black room that creeps everyone out with its blood red windows and creepy black clock that freaks everyone out. Every hour the screaming clock freaks everyone out that they stop playing the music and everyone gets a chill down their spine. At midnight the clock finally rings one last time as a suspicious person walks in that no one has ever seen. The person is dressed up as a dead corpse that died from the red death. Everyone is freaked out even Prince Prospero. As the horrible person walks past the Prince, the Prince get a sudden rage and takes his dagger to try and stab the person in the costume. The man is walking to the black room when he swings over to look at the Prince and immediately kills him. Every one in the ball tries to hurt the man but he kills everyone in the room with the gruesome disease.


The main character is a very wealthy and not very responsible prince. I know this because in the text it states "The Prince lives in a beautiful castle." I believe he is very wealthy because in my background knowledge i know that castles take a lot of money, therefor he must be wealthy. Also he is a very generous man. I know this because in the text it says, "The Prince has brought in 75 of his favorite men and women." This leads me to believe that the Prince is very generous that he would let 75 people stay in his castle to cheat death. Third, the Prince can also be a very brave man too! In the story, it says, "Who dares insult us with this blasphemous mockery." Knowing that everyone else in the entire ball is horrified of the man, this shows us that the Prince can get frighten at times but can get back on his feet in order to protect his citizens. And finally, i believe the Prince cuts to conclusions to fast. I suspect this because in the story it says "The Prince took out his dagger and chased after the man." Because of this I think he jumped to conclusion to just kill the man just because of his appearances.

Point of View

In the Masque of the Red Death, the narrator is only talking in 3rd person objective. I know this because in the text it says "Everyone shakes quietly after the clock rings at mid night." Knowing this, it shows that we do not know the thought and feeling of the people that are participating in the ball, just the actions the characters are taking place. Also 3rd person objective is when the narrator is only examining the story, we don't actually know the thought or feelings of the characters. 3rd person objective is like a camera video taping a movie.
The Masque of the Red Death (2007 short film) - Part 1 of 2