robert schumann

symphony no.4

biography of composer

robert schumann. Schumann was born in Zwickau, in the kingdom of saxony, he was the fifth and last child of Johanna Christiane and August Schumann. Schumann began to compose before the age of seven. his father, a bookseller, publisher, and novelist. Schumann began receiving general musical and piano instruction at the age of seven from Johann Gottfried Kuntzsch, a teacher at the Zwickau high school. The boy immediately developed a love of music and worked at creating musical compositions himself, without the aid of Kuntzsch. Even though he often disregarded the principles of musical composition, he created works regarded as admirable for his age. he was a german composer and he was an influential music critic. robert schumann was born on june 8, 1810 and he died on july 29, 1856. robert schumann grew up with a mental disorter. within some of his adulthood years he was extremely passionate on his composing. he experienced lots of traviling. he was a quite kind and gentle person yet he was very much focused on his composing. his musical career was up and down, meaning that he needed a lift in his "claim to fame", and symphony no.4 was a great lift.

discussion of musical era

i think that his piece (Symphony no.4) starts at a slower pase and overtime gets faster and faster.

talk about the music selection

robertschumanns music is mainly heard as an orchestra.

connect music to the present

i think that a common use for this piece would be at the end of a movie (could not find link).