Westing Today

"The Westing Game" By Ellen Raskin

Mr. Westing's Murdur! S'more Details Below!

Recently, we were told our own Sam Westing was murdered. He was claimed to be murdered in the old lakeside Westing mansion claimed to be found dead on a Oriental Rug. The suspects for the murder are the residents of Sunset Towers, an apartment building directly across from the mansion, on the other side of the lake. There are 16 people Mr. Westing has said to be “heirs” in his will, whom we think committed the murder. Not all of them could have committed the murder mind you, but one could have. All of these heirs are very interesting, but some are more interesting than others. There is that little crazy girl Turtle Wexler, who likes kicking people, who might indeed be the murder. But wait! We have a incoming message! A man named Sandy McSouthers is our Sam Westing! Oh no, it seems as if Sandy has died! It seems as if this is another of Sam’s very intense games. Maybe he his posing as someone else in Westingtown, someone with power over Westing Paper Products. Is Sam Westing did truly die, it will be the most tragic. But if this is a trick, he could possibly be someone else, wanting to die teaching someone his ways of trickery, possibly that evil kid Turtle or even her sister Angela. If it is a trick, he might be Julian Eastman, that man now has power over the company.

Who's Sam Westing? Is He THAT Man?

This song related to my book because of what the music is and what the man singing says. The music you hear is sort of a rock and jazz combination. The music related because this book is actually set in the past and people in the past mostly listen to rock/jazz. I know that the book is set in the past because it was made in 1979 or so. Now, the lyrics also relate. When the singer says "It ain't as simple as we're gonna find" it relates to who this is a complicated puzzle and game that is not simple to complete. At the end when the singer says "You've got the wrong man!", all of the heirs accuse each other but none of them are guilty. "I like you and you like me" is where Turtle likes Sandy (As a Friend). Just things like this are related with the song.


Who's Who Perk Jingle by Upraj-S-

Who's Who? Lyrics

I was talkin' to myself just the other day, I was hearin' lots of things I never thought I'd say, but one thing I said really blew my mind (Who's who?) I said I don't know me, but I know you, and if you listen closely we can talk it through, it ain't as simple as we're gonna find (Who's who?) I think I will save you, I think I don't blame you, 'cause I like you and you like me. I was talkin' to myself just the other day, then the bad man came and took me away, I feel bad, but not as bad as me (Get off me, man!) I was talkin' to myself just the other day, (You've got the wrong man!) before the bad man came and took me away, (I'm not that man!) I feel bad, but not as bad as me (Not who I am!)

(Who's Who?)