Are you For or Against Annexation?

Texas Annexation wasn't always a good idea to some people.

We asked one of the people in Northern America his thoughts on the Annexation of Texas, and here was his reply:

"The fact that the Government is trying to get another state into our beloved country, I think it is a good idea. But since the state will be part of the Southern states, and it has slaves, it will not be good for us up in the North. I honestly don't want another slave state being added to combat everything that is done to get rid of these slaves."

Somehow, we are not that sure how, but are glad too, have been given a letter explaining Mexico's thoughts on Texas Annexation, which is highly inappropriate for the public to see, so we have shortened it and made it cleaner.

"If you dare take what we own from us [Texas], we will most likely have to attack you to get it back. Texas rightfully belongs to us, and we must keep it no matter what. DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH IT!"

Although plenty of people were against Annexation, there are plenty who are for it!

We also interviewed someone from the South part of America, and here was what he said:

"Adding another state to this amazing country will be a great benefit to the United States, and what's better is that they support Slaves, unlike our brethren in the North who are against happens with slaves that isn't for their benefits. I just hope enough people allow Texas to annex into our country."

Funny how people from 2 different sides of a country are against something, this might even lead to both the North and South splitting off and maybe fighting one day!

One of the very people from Texas wanted to talk to us, and give her ideas on Annexation.

"If we are allowed to Annex to Texas, we might finally be able to pay off this huge debt of ours and have good protection from the people we fought not to long ago, AKA The Mexicans, and now be able to have spendable money and a postal system! I Just hope Americans feel that Texas must join the US."