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Cathleen Graber

Djokovic Takes His Anger Out On Racket

On Tuesday March 31st, 2015 in Key Biscayne, FL the Miami Open was underway. Many matches on Tuesday Afternoon were anticipated by spectators. Alexandr Dolgopolov took on Novak Djokovic, who is the number one seed for men's singles.

During the tiebreaker of the first set, Djokovic was defeated by Dolgopolov 6-7. Djokovic was frustrated at the score so he smashed his racket, causing it to bend in half. The crowd started to "boo" at him, and whistle. Immediately, Djokovic raised his racket in hand in recognition of his childish act. After the replacement of his racket, the match continued, and Djokovic won.

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FBI in trouble

On April 3rd, 2015 the BAU unit of Quantico, Virginia was in trouble. They took on a case of two murders of guards in a local prison. The West Virginian Prison requires all guests to remove firearms, or any weapons prior to entrance. Each agent is equipped with a gun.

As they were investigating, and interrogating inmates, Savier Martell told agent Derek Morgan that the head security guard was behind all of it. The security guard let all of the inmates loose, and they started attacking all the agents. Thankfully, the agents used their skills to save themselves until the SWAT team arrived.

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Mexican Cowboy Surprise Visit

On April 20th, 2014 a very talented local man showed up somewhere nobody expected. A Mexican cowboy brought his lasso and his dancing skills to Bay View Middle school during the lunch hour. Students gasp as they see the cowboy go onto the table and show off his moves.

The cowboy is known for his dancing acts. He does his surprise dances as a fundraiser to spread the word of pancreatic cancer. At his Bay View visit, he raised over $500 in donations for research.

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