Mental and Emotional Health Topics

Stages of Stress

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  • The first stage of stress
  • Body goes in high alert
  • Fight-or-flight response
  • Hypothalamus


  • A small area of the brain at base
  • Receives danger signals
  • Releases hormones that act off pituitary gland (part of the brain that senses stress)


  • Second stage of stress
  • Adapting to stressful situations
  • Getting used to stress
  • Performing at a higher level of endurance


  • Final stage of stress
  • Caused by prolonged stress
  • Lose ability to adapt to stressful situations
  • Body tires
  • Adrenaline kicks in- "emergency hormone"

Physical Symptoms

  • dilated pupils
  • increased sweating
  • faster pulse
  • raised blood pressure
  • muscle tension

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