Stephen Douglas

Proud Democrat

"Popular Sovereignty or Poverty"

A man of the people, Douglas firmly believes that the people should chose on the existence of slavery. Douglas' main goal is to see the fine people of this glorious nation to succeeded, and one of the ways in which that will happen is if they get a say in what their fate shall be. Douglas believes this nation cannot successfully move forward unless it moves together. He firmly believes in finding a happy medium for the North and the South in order to preserve this fine Union. With his experience in the Senate, Douglas is confident and ready to take on leading the people into a brilliant future for all.

Abolitionism proposes to destroy the right and extinguish the principle of self-government for which our forefathers waged a seven years' bloody war, and upon which our whole system of free government is founded.

John C. Calhoun - Proud Supporter

John C. Calhoun of the Democratic Party proudly backs Stephen Douglas and his decisions. Calhoun and Douglas have worked in unison on many important cases such as the Compromise of 1850 as well as the Kansas-Nebraska Act. These fine men are determined to reconnect the Union and bring back a shared sense of patriotism for all.