Blue Heelers

General Facts, Behavior, Training

General Facts

Most Blue Heelers have grey, white, and a little blue on their stomach. This is how they get their name. Blue Heelers are used for hunting and for blind people and also can take you places. They can walk kids to the bus stop and when the bus comes they will take them back home.


Blue Heelers are very protective of their owners. They will nip at a person's heel if they try to hurt the owner or someone knocks on the door. Their behavior is really good and can be trained to not get on furniture. They are house trained and won't chew on things.


Blue Heelers are pretty easy to train. Blue Heelers have good hearing. This can help with training because they get scared of noises easily. So, if you use a loud noise to try to get them to stop doing something, then they will probably not do it again so they dont have to hear the loud noise again. For example, when we train our dogs we blow up some balloons and pop them. After so many times they will stop using the bathroom in your house.