Paws to Read

By: Leah S.

Reading Quote

One of the best uses of time travel would be to read some books for the first time again. Not only did the T.A.R.D.I.S. catch my eye, but the quote is also too true. I feel this way for almost every good book I've ever read. If the Doctor were to offer me his T.A.R.D.I.S. for a day, I would definitely take up this offer! Books are like adventures on paper, and most adventures you would want to go on again and again and again!

About Me

I really love adventure/action, mystery, fantasy, and realistic fiction books. I'm not exactly sure why that is, possibly because of my intent love for video games. *cough* LOZ *cough*. I really love being outdoors, when I'm not on my computer, and I also love to draw.

10 things about me as a reader

1) I hate to admit it, but I do judge some books by their cover. I start at the cover, then read the title to see if I like it, then I read the reviews and summary.

2)I would rather read a book that I can hold, and not one online.

3)I have a whole drawer of bookmarks, but I usually only use 1.

4)I'm a sucker for some manga!

5)Most of my free time is spent looking at bookstores online.

6)I once had a mishap with an open water bottle and book, do I need to explain?

7)If someone tells me to read a book, I probably won't read it, even if I actually wanted to read it.

8)Once I took 5 manga books on a delayed plane ride. I read them all before we even took off!

9)When I was younger, all I would want to do was go to Barnes and Noble.

10)I don't like to read most magazines. Unless Dr. Who magazine counts!

My Latest Blog Entry

The latest book I read was the first Harry Potter book, as I'm very behind on the series. I really enjoyed that book and I will definitely be reading the rest of the series. I enjoy reading in general very much, even though I only read a few different types of books. I like to read adventure/action, manga, fantasy, and realistic fiction the most. I enjoy books that have a bit fighting, and a great story line. On school nights I usually read about 20 minutes and on weekends I usually read about 40 minutes. When I'm reading, I always go back and reread parts I don't understand (sometimes unintentionally). I always think about what might happen next in a book, and sometimes I think about what I've read in the past. I always think about how my life is similar to the book I'm reading, causing multiple spacing off moments. I prefer to have paper books, instead of audio or electronic. The first book that I remember reading on my own was probably Tumble Bumble (not sure who it's by, but I memorized it, and corrected my older brother while he was reading it). I usually read my books from the library, or books that I have bought, sometimes online. I pick my books by first looking at the cover, then I see if the title interests me, then I read the back of the book and reviews.

My Interests and Favorites

My favorite books include Wonder, Out of my Mind, Wild Girl, Popular, The Name of This Book is a Secret, Gregor the Overlander, and Hatchet. Keep in mind, these are just a few. If I had to choose just one, I would probably pick Popular. It's about a girl who tries and experiment to become "Popular". She uses a book that was written in the 50's that was supposed to teach girls how to be popular. She tries different things, like wearing pearls, or sitting at a different table each day. She goes through different struggles of going out of her comfort zone to complete her experiment. For magazines, my favorite magazine would probably be HGTV. I love how interactive it is, and I love all of the color!
Zelda Medley- Lindsey Stirling

Zelda Medley

This song reminds me of reading and all of the adventures it takes you on. The Legend of Zelda has lots of great adventures and the violin puts a great spin on it. My love for adventure books is described really well through this song.
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Recommended places to find more books you might like

All of these sites are great places to find books, but if I talk about them all, I'd need to make a whole new flyer. So I'm going to talk about
because it really stood out to me. On this site, they match books to how you're feeling, or you can just customize what you want your next book to be like. It's especially helpful when you find a book and you love everything about it, you can describe it to the site and it will find another one like that for you.

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