Home of the Trojans

Basic School Information

  • Located in Los Angeles, California
  • Very strong Physical Therapy Program
  • Total cost for three years: $177,000
  • Admissions: Approved GPA, SAT/ACT scores meeting standards
  • Enrollment: 42,253
  • Student Teacher ratio: 9:1

Location Information

  • Los Angeles, California

Fun Things To Do:

  • Dodgers game (baseball)
  • Angels game (baseball)
  • Galaxy game (soccer)
  • Go to beach
  • Ride bike on bike path


  • Winter: 47'F-67'F
  • Spring and Autumn: 45'F-70'F
  • Summer: 70'F-90'F


  • Pacific Ocean
  • Mountains
  • Deserts
  • Beaches
  • L.A. River
  • San Gabriel Mountains

Paying for College

Paying for College:

  • I am planning on getting a job and saving most of the money
  • Also my parents will help pay

Scholarships I plan to apply for:

  • At my dads work they give away scholarships to students doing to college

Achieving Post High School Goals

My Goals for the Next Few Years of High School Include:

  • Getting at least a 3.5 GPA
  • Keep doing well in soccer

Classes I will Take to Achieve My Goals:

  • Chemistry
  • Sports Medicine
  • Body Works
  • Advanced Medical Skills