Rescue Her

Summer Williams

Their lives disintegrating at every corner all over the world,

But what are we doing to stop them from depreciating themselves.

Our help is all they want, all they need to pursue a better way of life.

For it is not their choice if they get beat,

For it is not their decision where they end up,

But it is our decision to help them.

Selling their bodies for a feel of want and security.

Forced to go out and participate in an act over 20 times a day

"Well what am I supposed to do" is what most people say.

Rescue Her, from those men that abuse her,

Rescue Her, from those who continue to sell her,

Rescue Her, from those who make 32 billion off of her.

They think nothing of these women,

Her body just a piece of garbage waiting for the next disposal.

She continuously doubts herself when her worth is just as much as a diamond.

She feels that is her only way out, her only way to survive, but she has never felt true love from someone who actually cares about her.

27 million women and children being trafficked and all it takes is for someone to want to make a change.

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