Beattie Second Grade Newsletter

January 2016

What Your Student Is Learning

Reading/Word Work:


* silent letters- wr, kn, gn, mb, sc

* r- controlled vowels- er, ir, ur , or

* words with /or/and /ar/

* eer, ere, ear

Reading Comprehension:

* compare and contrast

* author's purpose

* main idea and key details in a story

* theme


* research

* poetry

* book reviews


* telling time- minutes before and after hour

* basic addition and subtraction math facts up to 20

* three digit addition and subtraction

Integrated Studies:

* science- weather

* social studies- we the history makers

* health- my plate

Upcoming Events

January 5th: Welcome back!

January 15th: Report cards go home

January 18th: No School- Martin Luther King Jr. Day

January 26th: PLC Day- student dismissal at 1:33

January 26th: Beattie Skate Night (6-8:00pm)

A Word From The Teachers


Wonders: The Mcgraw Hill Reading Wonders has online access for all students in second grade. To access your students account they will need their password and login. If you do not have this information you may contact your students teacher.

To gain access follow the directions listed:

1. go to the web address:

2. type "wonders" into the search/keyword box in the top right corner

3. fill in your students individualized username and password

4. click the book with a swordfish on the cover

5. start exploring with your student


Math Fact Cafe: This is a great resource for at home practice with math facts, telling time, and counting money. The sight creates extra practice pages based on your students needs.

To gain access follow the directions listed:

1. go to the web address:

2. on the right hand side of the screen you will find many math sights including Math Fact Cafe