Hemlock Wolly Adelgid


Where it originally was from?

The Hemlock Wolly Adelgid was originally from Japan and China. It would be introduced accidentally to North Carolina around 1924.

Where is it sound around the world?

The Hemlock Wolly Adelgid can also be found on all of the East Coast of The United States. Now they have established from northeasternGeorgia to southeastern Maine and as far west as far west as eastern Kentucky and Tennessee. Also found from Maine to Georgia, including 24 counties in western North Carolina.

Effects of The Hemlock Wolly Adelgid .

Causes up to 90% mortality in eastern hemlock species, which are important for shading trout streams, and provide habitat for about 90 species of birds and mammals.

Is there a natural way to fight against the specie? Or do we use chemicals to prevent the spread? Or is there nothing we can do?