Foreign policy- ISIS

By Aaron Herrera, Celina Villanueva, Alison Dunn

How they were formed

ISIS began as an AL Qaeda splinter cell group led by Abu Bakr AL-Baghdadi who has the title of Caliph in the jihadist group looking to form a caliphate in Syria and the surrounding area called the Levant giving the name ISIL. The group First began as AQI in Syria with several leaders being killed by US involvement in the middle east with it gaining Its name ISI and becoming controlled by Abu Bakr AL-Baghdadi the current leader in 2010, and later in 2013 after absorbing a militant group becomes Islamic state in Iraq and the Levant. The next year they are denounced by AL-Qaeda.
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Power Vaccum?

When a government collapses or has lost the capability to control and maintain order in its control a power vacuum emerges that gives way for other organizations to fight to take control of the areas such as the case in Iraq with ISIS and the Assad Regime losing control due to civil war. The scope of how powerful ISIS has become is due in part to smart planning ans strategy with them gaining support of citizens in controlled areas and funding themselves by collecting taxes, oil production, and other means involving the black market.

The Way this power Vacuum formed was due to the Outbreak of Civil war against the Assad government fighting against multiple rebel factions that slowly have formed into one reducing the strength of Assad creating the Power vacuum we see currently that is being quickly filled by ISIS.


I interview my Mom and My Uncle I asked them both what they know about ISIS and what they think the US should do to try and stop them.

My Uncle answer the question by saying that he wouldn't want troops to be sent back to the middle east since of being to war in the Marines he understood the actual pains of war and doesn't want the US to go against them alone cause of what happened in the past few years he also said he dislikes the idea of carpet bombing areas with suspected ISIS since he had witnessed some of it . My Mom Responded in a similar way wanting to the leaders to be killed and find a way to reduce their strength one way by cutting off all their influence in social media which they use to scare and send threats across the globe to cells like in Paris.

In my opinion

I feel that allowing ISIS to continue at the magnitude that it currently operates at brings the idea to people that we won't act against their attempts of realizing their idea of forming their caliphate. If given the power of the presidency i would push for international involvement in both ending the Assad civil war through either diplomatic action or working with a rebel group that is truly wanting to establish democracy and that is willing to assist in fighting and removing ISIS from the map. The domestic concern for closing the borders is not needed if someone wanted to come to the US with intentions to cause terrorist acts would they not just come to the US directly having seen no examples of terrorist coming through either border. And Instead of being afraid of a domestic attack push for the CIA and FBI to push for either removing or arresting extremist with noticeable intent against the US that have been placed on the terrorist watch list instead of waiting for them to act before going after them.


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