Tech Tip Tuesday

Cool Google Apps, Smartboard Tricks, and Live Math Pages


Someone put this for the poll multiple times but I have no idea what you mean. I found a page for Mr. Fizzix but is that really what you want me to look at? Please respond if you were the one that put this and it was a serious request.

Smartboard Tricks

I have already made some tutorials on some of the cool stuff you can do with Smart Notebook. Below are links. Please email me if you want to meet one on one and work on some of this stuff. I teach 2nd and 4th but am free to meet before, after school, during your lunch, or anytime I am not teaching.

Make an Attendance Sheet:

Some advance tools on Smart Notebook:

Add a video from Youtube to Smart Notebook:

Chrome Apps

Most of you should be able to download these but the kids will not be able to. The poll question said Google Apps but I think you meant to say Chrome Apps. If not let me know and I will put some Google Apps (this would be like for your phone) for next week.

Live Math Pages?

Someone requested live math pages here are a few of my favs for additional practice for my kiddos: -usually can find 10 questions on just about all major standards -have videos and walk through practice and quiz over topics (good for basic stuff, 6th grade and some 7th grade this is a great resource) - this website it paid for my Alyssa due to it's math resouces. I use this as quiz scores in my class and it's nice that is assigns multiple sets to kids when they do poorly, it even walks them through the problem as though they have never seen it if the kids take the time to read it. (I can help you set up your classes and use this if you are interested) good place for games for again basic stuff mostly EE and NS standards for 6th and 7th grade. only have 20 problems done a day on 1 machine (would be good for RTI kids or if you have 1 section of a class) (Maybe A day and B day for boost classes) a bunch of premade Jeopardy Games of a resource for whole class instruction, has videos with matching worksheets and walks the students though the problems. - I love this website for the 2 lessons I use it for (rates and pythagorean theorem), maybe we could get Val to buy the subscription for us. :)