Region 11 Assessment Tribune

September 28, 2016

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Important Dates Coming Up

Just a reminder of a few upcoming deadlines:

Sept. 19th-Dec. 9th: Student data submission window is open for Dec. EOCs (online testing only)

Sept. 23rd: Deadline for registration for OOS/OOD examinees (Oct. TAKS online only)

District Testing Coordinator Training for all new DTCs (Oct. TAKS only)

Sept. 30th: Deadline for districts to report the following to the local board of trustees

March TAKS Exit Level

March STAAR EOC English I and II


May STAAR EOC Alg. 2 and Eng III

April STAAR Alt 2

March STAAR 4th & 7th grade Writing; 5th & 8th grade Math & Reading

May STAAR 3rd-8th grade

May STAAR 5th & 8th grade Reading & Math retest

Professional Development Opportunities