Constitutional Era

By Fernando Arellano

Shay's Rebellion

  • During 1786 - 1787
  • Due to a debt after the American Revolutionary war
  • Soldiers fought against the people who were uprising because of the debt
Important people of Shay's Rebellion

  • Daniel Shays who led the uprising people
  • James Bowdoin

Whiskey Rebellion

  • Pennsylvania, Allegheny, Fayette, Washington' And Westmoreland really opposed the tax on whiskey
  • Proclamation ordered on September 15, 1792
  • Rebellion burns the home of Neville's
Important People

  • President Washington
  • Thomas Mifflin

XYZ Affair

  • During 1787 - 189
  • Working on getting the French to accept the Jay Treaty
  • First to arrive was also brought a message
Important people

  • President Adam
  • Thomas Jefferson