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toast and tea

Polly and Sukey made toast and tea. They made the toast and tea at the White House on 43/56/1236. In an interview, Polly explained that they simply wanted toast and tea and that’s why they did it. Polly is now in jail for 45 years and Sukey is in prison for 67 life sentences because they entered the White House and helped themselves to toast and tea.

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21 kid runs away

The kid from the Vine, “What’s 9 +10,” ran away from home.The reason he ran away was that he got tired of people laughing at him. The boys name is Habeeb. The boy was declared stupid by his brother in the vine, when he answered 21 to what's 9+10. The vine went viral in a couple days and Habeebs friends called him stupid, which made him want to run away. Habeeb left a note that said, “I’m tired of everyone laughing at me, I’m running away forever. Now if you want to find me, the only clue I leave is 21. Habeeb lived with his mom and his older brother. They have made many remixes of the vine. Habeeb was mad at his brother and he got sick and tired of people making fun of him. Baltimore police are still looking for him, and still they have hope they will find him. My opinion is that Habeeb’s brother should not have put the vine up. The vine may be funny, but the only reason Habeeb’s brother did, was to get some more followers and more likes. All in all, Habeeb’s brother is stupid, not Habeeb.
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ride along

Ride Along

Ride Along starring Kevin Hart as Ben and Ice Cube as James. Ben has to prove to James that he is worthy to marry his sister Angela. Ben has to be a cop like James for one day. James is talking to Ben to domestic disturbia, but Ben goes to take on Omar. Omar is a top drug dealer and is like a ghost, no one ever sees him. Ben and James get fired because two cops worked for Omar and fired them. Bens nickname is the Black Hammer. James and Ben take down Omar in the end. Omar goes to jail. Ben got shot and he gets married to Angela. James approved the wedding. In the end, all ends well. Ride Along is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen.

garetts life

Garrett Ladwig went to Norfolk High. He was a varsity player on the football team. He was also on the wrestling team. Garett’s first job was at Burger King, while he was was in high school. Garrett went to the University of Nebraska to be a brain surgeon and he also played football. At the age of 26, Garrett got his first doctor job in Omaha, Nebraska. Garett is skinny and has a 12 pack. Now Garett has a wife and one girl and two boys. Garett still lives in Nebraska . Garett has visited everywhere in the USA. His hobbies are skydiving and fishing. Garrett is a doctor.


Pandora radio is a fun way to listen to the music for free. To download Pandora, you have to go to any app store and click download. You have to create an account. Once that is done, you have to search for a song or artist. That’s how you get Pandora on your mobile phone or tablet. I hope you have fun with the app.
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